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Major influencing factors on routine implementation of shared decision‑making in cancer care: qualitative process evaluation of a stepped‑wedge cluster randomized trial
Hahlweg P, Lindig A, Frerichs W, Zill J, Hanken H, Müller V, Peters M, Scholl I
BMC HEALTH SERV RES. 2023;23(1):840.

Effectiveness of a training program for healthcare professionals on parental cancer: Results of a randomized controlled pilot-study
Johannsen L, Frerichs W, Philipp R, Inhestern L, Bergelt C
PSYCHO-ONCOLOGY. 2023 [Epub ahead of print].

Partizipative Entscheidungsfindung in der Onkologie
Lindig A, Frerichs W, Hahlweg P, Scholl I
best practice onkologie. 2023 [Epub ahead of print].


Child- and family-specific communication skills trainings for healthcare professionals caring for families with parental cancer: A systematic review
Frerichs W, Geertz W, Johannsen L, Inhestern L, Bergelt C
PLOS ONE. 2022;17(11):.

The impact of cancer on the mental health of patients parenting minor children: A systematic review of the quantitative evidence
Johannsen L, Brandt M, Frerichs W, Inhestern L, Bergelt C
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Evaluation of a program for routine implementation of shared decision-making in cancer care: results of a stepped wedge cluster randomized trial
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IMPLEMENT SCI. 2021;16(1):.


Assessing Competencies of Healthcare Professionals Caring for Parents With Cancer: The Development of an Innovative Assessment Tool
Johannsen L, Frerichs W, Inhestern L, Bergelt C
PSYCHO-ONCOLOGY. 2020;29(10):1670-1677.

Adaptation and qualitative evaluation of Ask 3 Questions - a simple and generic intervention to foster patient empowerment
Lindig A, Hahlweg P, Frerichs W, Topf C, Reemts M, Scholl I
HEALTH EXPECT. 2020;23(5):1310-1325.


Assessment of patient information needs: A systematic review of measures
Christalle E, Zill J, Frerichs W, Härter M, Nestoriuc Y, Dirmaier J, Scholl I
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Process-evaluation and outcome-evaluation of a training programme for healthcare professionals in oncology to enhance their competencies in caring for patients with minor children: a study protocol for a randomised controlled pilot study
Inhestern L, Frerichs W, Johannsen L, Bergelt C
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Psychoonkologische Versorgung in Deutschland: Bundesweite Bestandsaufnahme und Analyse: Wissenschaftliches Gutachten im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums für Gesundheit
Schulz H, Bleich C, Dabs M, Frerichs W, Sautier L, Bokemeyer C, Koch-Gromus U, Härter M


Shared decision-making in oncology - A qualitative analysis of healthcare providers' views on current practice
Frerichs W, Hahlweg P, Müller E, Adis C, Scholl I
PLOS ONE. 2016;11(3):e0149789.

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