Dr. rer. nat.
Ulrike Klemm
  • Research assistant
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N21 , 1st Floor
German (Mother tongue)



The von Willebrand factor Tyr2561 allele is a gain-of-function variant and a risk factor for early myocardial infarction
Schneppenheim R, Hellermann N, Brehm M, Klemm U, Obser T, Huck V, Schneider S, Denis C, Tischer A, Auton M, März W, Xu E, Wilmanns M, Zotz R
BLOOD. 2019;133(4):356 - 365.


Platelet-free shear flow assay facilitates analysis of shear-dependent functions of VWF and ADAMTS13
Kraus E, Kraus K, Obser T, Oyen F, Klemm U, Schneppenheim R, Brehm M
THROMB RES. 2014;134(6):1285-1291.

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