Petra Engelmann
Dr. phil.
Petra Engelmann
  • Executive psychologist
  • Psychological psychotherapist
Working area


O25 , Ground Floor
German (Mother tongue)



Healthcare needs in elderly patients with chronic heart failure in view of a personalized blended collaborative care intervention: a cross sectional study
Gostoli S, Bernardini F, Subach R, Engelmann P, Jaarsma T, Andréasson F, Rasmussen S, Thilsing T, Eilerskov N, Bordoni B, Della Riva D, Urbinati S, Kohlmann S, Rafanelli C


Psychological risk factors for Long COVID and their modification: study protocol of a three-arm, randomised controlled trial (SOMA.COV)
Engelmann P, Büchel C, Frommhold J, Klose H, Lohse A, Maehder K, Nestoriuc Y, Scherer M, Suling A, Toussaint A, Weigel A, Zapf A, Löwe B
BJPSYCH OPEN. 2023;9(6):e207.

Needs of multimorbid heart failure patients and their carers: a qualitative interview study and the creation of personas as a basis for a blended collaborative care intervention
Engelmann P, Eilerskov N, Thilsing T, Bernardini F, Rasmussen S, Löwe B, Herrmann-Lingen C, Gostoli S, Andréasson F, Rafanelli C, Pedersen S, Jaarsma T, Kohlmann S
FRONT CARDIOVASC MED. 2023;10:1186390.

Predictors of somatic symptom burden in healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic: an 8-week follow-up study
Engelmann P, Toussaint A, Addo M, Brehm T, Lohse A, Weigel A, Thompson M, Löwe B
J MENT HEALTH. 2023;32(6):1111-1121.


Risk factors for worsening of somatic symptom burden in a prospective cohort during the COVID-19 pandemic
Engelmann P, Löwe B, Brehm T, Weigel A, Ullrich F, Addo M, Schulze zur Wiesch J, Lohse A, Toussaint A
FRONT PSYCHOL. 2022;13:1022203.

From the identification of biopsychosocial risk factors to an increase in pain-related self-efficacy (IDRIS) – The online-based conveyance of an explanatory model for chronic back pain: Study protocol of a cohort multiple randomized controlled trial
Engelmann P, Löwe B, Hüsing P
INTERNET INTERV. 2022;30:100582.

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