Lukas Lange-Drenth
Lukas Lange-Drenth
M. Sc.
  • Research fellow
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W26 , 2nd Floor
German (Mother tongue)



Association of the Extent of Internet Use by Patients With Cancer With Social Support Among Patients and Change in Patient-Reported Treatment Outcomes During Inpatient Rehabilitation: Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Study
Lange-Drenth L, Schulz H, Endsin G, Bleich C
JMIR CANCER. 2023;9:e39246.


Patients With Cancer Searching for Cancer- or Health-Specific Web-Based Information: Performance Test Analysis
Lange-Drenth L, Schulz H, Endsin G, Bleich C
J MED INTERNET RES. 2021;23(8):e23367.


Psychometric evaluation of the German version of the Patient Satisfaction with Cancer-related Care questionnaire
Bokemeyer F, Lange-Drenth L, Jean-Pierre P, Schulz H, Bleich C
BMC HEALTH SERV RES. 2020;20(1):983.


The extent to which cancer patients trust in cancer-related online information: a systematic review
Lange L, Peikert M, Bleich C, Schulz H
PEERJ. 2019.

Views of psycho-oncologists, physicians, and nurses on cancer care—A qualitative study
Steven B, Lange L, Bleich C, Schulz H
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E-Health-Angebote in der Onkologie
Lange L, Schulz H, Bleich C
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Effectiveness, acceptance and satisfaction of guided chat groups in psychosocial aftercare for outpatients with prostate cancer after prostatectomy
Lange L, Fink J, Bleich C, Graefen M, Schulz H
INTERNET INTERV. 2017;9:57-64.

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