Linda Krause
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Linda Krause
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Quartier am Zeughaus, Christoph-Probst-Weg 1, 20251 Hamburg, 4th Floor, Room number 04.1.043
German (Mother tongue)

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Targeted micronutrition via holo-BLG based on the farm effect in house dust mite allergic rhinoconjunctivitis patients – first evaluation in a standardized allergen exposure chamber
Bergmann K, Graessel A, Raab J, Banghard W, Krause L, Becker S, Kugler S, Zuberbier T, Ott V, Kramer M, Roth‑Walter F, Jensen-Jarolim E, Guethoff S
Allergo J Int. 2021;2021(30):141-149.

First evaluation of a symbiotic food supplement in an allergen exposure chamber in birch pollen allergic patients
Bergmann K, Krause L, Hiller J, Kugler S, Tapparo M, Pfaar O, Zuberbier T, Kramer M, Guethoff S, Graessel A
World Allergy Organization Journal. 2021;14(1):100494.

Diagnostic and Prognostic Value of miR-16, miR-146a, miR-192 and miR-221 in Exosomes of Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Liver Cirrhosis Patients
Fründt T, Krause L, Hussey E, Steinbach B, Köhler D, von Felden J, Schulze K, Lohse A, Wege H, Schwarzenbach H
CANCERS. 2021;13(10):2484.

Validation of a translated Quality of Recovery-15 questionnaire in German patients undergoing elective noncardiac surgery
Kahl U, Gebhardt N, Brodersen K, Kainz E, Schirren L, Yu Y, Krause L, Klinger R, Zöllner C, Fischer M
BRIT J ANAESTH. 2021;127(5):e161-e163.

Reduced Rate of Inpatient Hospital Admissions in 18 German University Hospitals During the COVID-19 Lockdown
Kapsner L, Kampf M, Seuchter S, Gruendner J, Gulden C, Mate S, Mang J, Schüttler C, Deppenwiese N, Krause L, Zöller D, Balig J, Fuchs T, Fischer P, Haverkamp C, Holderried M, Mayer G, Stenzhorn H, Stolnicu A, Storck M, Storf H, Zohner J, Kohlbacher O, Strzelczyk A, Schüttler , Acker T, Boeker M, Kaisers U, Kestler , Prokosch
Front Public Health. 2021;8(1018):.

Are muscle parameters obtained by computed tomography associated with outcome after esophagectomy for cancer?
Kemper M, Molwitz I, Krause L, Reeh M, Burdelski C, Kluge S, Yamamura J, Izbicki J, de Heer G
CLIN NUTR. 2021;40(6):3729-3740.

Head and neck cancer patients under (chemo-)radiotherapy undergoing nutritional intervention: Results from the prospective randomized HEADNUT-trial
Löser A, Abel J, Kutz L, Krause L, Finger A, Greinert F, Sommer M, Lorenz T, Culmann E, von Grundherr J, Wegert L, Lehmann L, Matnjani G, Schwarz R, Brackrock S, Krüll A, Petersen C, Carl C
RADIOTHER ONCOL. 2021;159:82-90.


Effects of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Related Contact Restrictions in Germany, March to May 2020, on the Mobility and Relation to Infection Patterns
Bönisch S, Wegscheider K, Krause L, Sehner S, Wiegel S, Zapf A, Moser S, Becher H
Front Public Health. 2020;8:568287.

IL-17C amplifies epithelial inflammation in human psoriasis and atopic eczema
Lauffer F, Jargosch M, Baghin V, Krause L, Kempf W, Absmaier-Kijak M, Morelli M, Madonna S, Marsais F, Lepescheux L, Albanesi C, Müller N, Theis F, Schmidt-Weber C, Eyerich S, Biedermann T, Vandeghinste N, Steidl S, Eyerich K
J EUR ACAD DERMATOL. 2020;34(4):800-809.

Exome sequencing in 38 patients with intracranial aneurysms and subarachnoid hemorrhage
Sauvigny T, Alawi M, Krause L, Renner S, Spohn M, Busch A, Kolbe V, Altmüller J, Löscher B, Franke A, Brockmann C, Lieb W, Westphal M, Schmidt N, Regelsberger J, Rosenberger G
J NEUROL. 2020;267(9):2533-2545.


Is the humoral immunity dispensable for the pathogenesis of psoriasis?
Thomas J, Küpper M, Batra R, Jargosch M, Atenhan A, Baghin V, Krause L, Lauffer F, Biedermann T, Theis F, Eyerich K, Eyerich S, Garzorz-Stark N
J EUR ACAD DERMATOL. 2019;33(1):115-122.


Toll-like receptor 7/8 agonists stimulate plasmacytoid dendritic cells to initiate T17-deviated acute contact dermatitis in human subjects
Garzorz-Stark N, Lauffer F, Krause L, Thomas J, Atenhan A, Franz R, Roenneberg S, Boehner A, Jargosch M, Batra R, Mueller N, Haak S, Groß C, Groß O, Traidl-Hoffmann C, Theis F, Schmidt-Weber C, Biedermann T, Eyerich S, Eyerich K
J ALLERGY CLIN IMMUN. 2018;141(4):1320-1333.e11.

Type I Immune Response Induces Keratinocyte Necroptosis and Is Associated with Interface Dermatitis
Lauffer F, Jargosch M, Krause L, Garzorz-Stark N, Franz R, Roenneberg S, Böhner A, Mueller N, Theis F, Schmidt-Weber C, Biedermann T, Eyerich S, Eyerich K
J INVEST DERMATOL. 2018;138(8):1785-1794.


489 TLR7/8 agonists stimulate plasmacytoid dendritic cells to initiate a Th17-deviated acute contact dermatitis in humans
Garzorz-Stark N, Lauffer F, Krause L, Groß O, Traidl-Hoffmann C, Theis F, Schmidt- Weber C, Biedermann T, Eyerich S, Eyerich K
J INVEST DERMATOL. 2017;137(10(2)):S275.

Multiplex platform technology and bioinformatics are essential for development of biomarkers in atopic dermatitis. Reply
Krause L, Mueller N, Eyerich S
J ALLERGY CLIN IMMUN. 2017;139(3):1065-1066.

Identification of a plasma miRNA biomarker signature for allergic asthma: A translational approach
Milger K, Götschke J, Krause L, Nathan P, Alessandrini F, Tufman A, Fischer R, Bartel S, Theis F, Behr J, Dehmel S, Mueller N, Kneidinger N, Krauss-Etschmann S
ALLERGY. 2017;72(12):1962-1971.


A novel molecular disease classifier for psoriasis and eczema
Garzorz-Stark N, Krause L, Lauffer F, Atenhan A, Thomas J, Stark S, Franz R, Weidinger S, Balato A, Mueller N, Theis F, Ring J, Schmidt-Weber C, Biedermann T, Eyerich S, Eyerich K
EXP DERMATOL. 2016;25(10):767-774.

A computational model to predict severity of atopic eczema from 30 serum proteins
Krause L, Mourantchanian V, Brockow K, Theis F, Schmidt-Weber C, Knapp B, Mueller N, Eyerich S
J ALLERGY CLIN IMMUN. 2016;138(4):1207-1210.e2.


A Combined Omics Approach to Generate the Surface Atlas of Human Naive CD4+ T Cells during Early T-Cell Receptor Activation
Graessel A, Hauck S, von Toerne C, Kloppmann E, Goldberg T, Koppensteiner H, Schindler M, Knapp B, Krause L, Dietz K, Schmidt-Weber C, Suttner K
MOL CELL PROTEOMICS. 2015;14(8):2085-2102.

Social exclusion changes histone modifications H3K4me3 and H3K27ac in liver tissue of wild house mice
Krause L, Haubold B, Börsch-Haubold A
PLOS ONE. 2015;10(8):e0133988.


An alignment-free test for recombination
Haubold B, Krause L, Horn T, Pfaffelhuber P
BIOINFORMATICS. 2013;29(24):3121-7.

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