Lene Johannsen
Lene Marie Johannsen
  • Psychologist
  • Psycho-oncologist
  • Research fellow
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W26 , 3rd Floor
German (Mother tongue)

Areas of expertise



Exploring the perspectives of cancer patients parenting minor children: A qualitative study on family-centered cancer care experiences
Johannsen L, Frerichs W, Inhestern L, Bergelt C
PATIENT EDUC COUNS. 2023;117(12):.

Effectiveness of a training program for healthcare professionals on parental cancer: Results of a randomized controlled pilot-study
Johannsen L, Frerichs W, Philipp R, Inhestern L, Bergelt C
PSYCHO-ONCOLOGY. 2023;32(10):1567-1577.


Parents as informal caregivers of children and adolescents with spinal muscular atrophy: a systematic review of quantitative and qualitative data on the psychosocial situation, caregiver burden, and family needs
Brandt M, Johannsen L, Inhestern L, Bergelt C
ORPHANET J RARE DIS. 2022;17(1):.

Child- and family-specific communication skills trainings for healthcare professionals caring for families with parental cancer: A systematic review
Frerichs W, Geertz W, Johannsen L, Inhestern L, Bergelt C
PLOS ONE. 2022;17(11):.

The impact of cancer on the mental health of patients parenting minor children: A systematic review of the quantitative evidence
Johannsen L, Brandt M, Frerichs W, Inhestern L, Bergelt C
PSYCHO-ONCOLOGY. 2022;31(6):869-878.

Belastungen bei Angehörigen von Krebserkrankten erkennen und versorgen
Johannsen L, Geertz W, Bergelt C, Inhestern L
InFo Hämatologie + Onkologie. 2022;25(6):15-18.


Estimates of Prevalence Rates of Cancer Patients With Children and Well-Being in Affected Children: A Systematic Review on Population-Based Findings
Inhestern L, Bultmann J, Johannsen L, Beierlein V, Möller B, Romer G, Koch U, Bergelt C
FRONT PSYCHIATRY. 2021;12:765314.

Families Affected by Parental Cancer: Quality of Life, Impact on Children and Psychosocial Care Needs
Inhestern L, Johannsen L, Bergelt C


Assessing Competencies of Healthcare Professionals Caring for Parents With Cancer: The Development of an Innovative Assessment Tool
Johannsen L, Frerichs W, Inhestern L, Bergelt C
PSYCHO-ONCOLOGY. 2020;29(10):1670-1677.


Process-evaluation and outcome-evaluation of a training programme for healthcare professionals in oncology to enhance their competencies in caring for patients with minor children: a study protocol for a randomised controlled pilot study
Inhestern L, Frerichs W, Johannsen L, Bergelt C
BMJ OPEN. 2019;9(10):e032778.

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