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Testing the Treatment Integrity of the Managing Cancer and Living Meaningfully Psychotherapeutic Intervention for Patients With Advanced Cancer
Koranyi S, Philipp R, Quintero Garzón L, Scheffold K, Schulz-Kindermann F, Härter M, Rodin G, Mehnert-Theuerkauf A
FRONT PSYCHOL. 2020;2020(11):.

Efficacy of the Managing Cancer and Living Meaningfully (CALM) individual psychotherapy for patients with advanced cancer: A single-blind randomized controlled trial
Mehnert A, Koranyi S, Philipp R, Scheffold K, Kriston L, Lehmann-Laue A, Engelmann D, Vehling S, Eisenecker C, Oechsle K, Schulz-Kindermann F, Rodin G, Härter M
PSYCHO-ONCOLOGY. 2020;29(11):1895-1904.

Psychosoziale Belastungsfaktoren und Versorgung bei seltenen onkologischen Erkrankungen
Scheffold K, Bergelt C, Schulz-Kindermann F
ONKOLOGE. 2020;26(3):277-282.


Die Erfassung der Paarkommunikation bei Patienten mit einer fortgeschrittenen Krebserkrankung: Validierung einer deutschen Version der Couple Communication Scale (CCS)
Conrad M, Engelmann D, Friedrich M, Scheffold K, Philipp R, Schulz-Kindermann F, Härter M, Mehnert A, Koranyi S
PSYCHOTHER PSYCH MED. 2019;69:189-196.

Spiritual well-being mediates the association between attachment insecurity and psychological distress in advanced cancer patients
Scheffold K, Philipp R, Vehling S, Koranyi S, Engelmann D, Schulz-Kindermann F, Härter M, Mehnert-Theuerkauf A
SUPPORT CARE CANCER. 2019;27(11):4317-4325.


Measuring the Psychosocial Dimensions of Quality of Life in Patients With Advanced Cancer
Grünke B, Philipp R, Vehling S, Scheffold K, Härter M, Oechsle K, Schulz-Kindermann F, Mehnert A, Lo C
J PAIN SYMPTOM MANAG. 2018;55(3):985-991.e1.

Perceived doctor‐patient relationship and its association with demoralization in patients with advanced cancer
Quintero Garzón L, Koranyi S, Engelmann D, Philipp R, Scheffold K, Schulz-Kindermann F, Härter M, Mehnert A
PSYCHO-ONCOLOGY. 2018;27(11):2587-2593.

Insecure attachment predicts depression and death anxiety in advanced cancer patients
Scheffold K, Philipp R, Koranyi S, Engelmann D, Schulz-Kindermann F, Härter M, Mehnert A
PALLIAT SUPPORT CARE. 2018;16(3):308-316.

The daily dynamics of loss orientation and life engagement in advanced cancer: A pilot study to characterise patterns of adaptation at the end of life
Vehling S, Gerstorf D, Schulz-Kindermann F, Oechsle K, Philipp R, Scheffold K, Härter M, Mehnert A, Lo C
EUR J CANCER CARE. 2018;27(4):e12842.


Attachment Insecurity in Advanced Cancer Patients: Psychometric Properties of the German Version of the Brief Experiences in Close Relationships Scale (ECR-M16-G)
Philipp R, Vehling S, Scheffold K, Grünke B, Härter M, Mehnert A, Oechsle K, Schulz-Kindermann F, Lo C
J PAIN SYMPTOM MANAG. 2017;54(4):555-562.


Death-related anxiety in patients with advanced cancer: Validation of the German version of the Death and Dying Distress Scale (DADDS-G)
Engelmann D, Scheffold K, Friedrich M, Hartung T, Schulz-Kindermann F, Lordick F, Schilling G, Lo C, Rodin G, Mehnert A
J PAIN SYMPTOM MANAG. 2016;52(4):582-587.


Efficacy of a brief manualized intervention Managing Cancer and Living Meaningfully (CALM) adapted to German cancer care settings: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial
Scheffold K, Philipp R, Engelmann D, Schulz-Kindermann F, Rosenberger C, Oechsle K, Härter M, Wegscheider K, Lordick F, Lo C, Hales S, Rodin G, Mehnert A
BMC CANCER. 2015;15:592.


Sources of meaning in cancer patients - influences on global meaning, anxiety and depression in a longitudinal study
Scheffold K, Mehnert A, Müller V, Koch-Gromus U, Härter M, Vehling S
EUR J CANCER CARE. 2014;23(4):472-480.


Prävalenz von Anpassungsstörung, Akuter und Posttraumatischer Belastungsstörung sowie somatoformen Störungen bei Krebspatienten
Mehnert A, Vehling S, Scheffold K, Ladehoff N, Schön G, Wegscheider K, Heckl U, Weis J, Koch-Gromus U
PSYCHOTHER PSYCH MED. 2013;63(12):466-72.

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