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Expression of CD39 is associated with T cell exhaustion in ovarian cancer and its blockade reverts T cell dysfunction
Marius W, Leticia O, Friedrich K, Stephan M, Louisa H, Tabea S, Elisa S, Pauline W, Yi D, Qi M, Barbara S, Carsten B, Walter F, Jasmin W, Franziska B
ONCOIMMUNOLOGY. 2024;13(1):2346359.

Immunosuppressive M2 TAMs represent a promising target population to enhance phagocytosis of ovarian cancer cells in vitro
Brauneck F, Schmalfeldt B, Muschhammer J, Sturmheit T, Ackermann C, Haag F, Schulze Zur Wiesch J, Ding Y, Qi M, Hell L, Schmalfeldt B, Bokemeyer C, Fiedler W, Wellbrock J
FRONT IMMUNOL. 2023;14:1250258.

Single-cell transcriptomic atlas-guided development of CAR-T cells for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia
Gottschlich A, Thomas M, Grünmeier R, Lesch S, Rohrbacher L, Igl V, Briukhovetska D, Benmebarek M, Vick B, Dede S, Müller K, Xu T, Dhoqina D, Märkl F, Robinson S, Sendelhofert A, Schulz H, Umut Ö, Kavaka V, Tsiverioti C, Carlini E, Nandi S, Strzalkowski T, Lorenzini T, Stock S, Müller P, Dörr J, Seifert M, Cadilha B, Brabenec R, Röder N, Rataj F, Nüesch M, Modemann F, Wellbrock J, Fiedler W, Kellner C, Beltrán E, Herold T, Paquet D, Jeremias I, von Baumgarten L, Endres S, Subklewe M, Marr C, Kobold S
NAT BIOTECHNOL. 2023;41(11):1618-1632.

TIGIT blockade repolarizes AML-associated TIGIT+ M2 macrophages to an M1 phenotype and increases CD47-mediated phagocytosis
Brauneck F, Fischer B, Witt M, Muschhammer J, Oelrich J, da Costa Avelar P, Tsoka S, Bullinger L, Seubert E, Smit D, Bokemeyer C, Ackermann C, Wellbrock J, Haag F, Fiedler W
J IMMUNOTHER CANCER. 2022;10(12):.

Mebendazole's Conformational Space and Its Predicted Binding to Human Heat-Shock Protein 90
Fiedler W, Freisleben F, Wellbrock J, Kirschner K
J CHEM INF MODEL. 2022;62(15):3604-3617.

Tissue-Specific Expression of TIGIT, PD-1, TIM-3, and CD39 by γδ T Cells in Ovarian Cancer
Weimer P, Wellbrock J, Sturmheit T, Ferrer L, Ding Y, Menzel S, Witt M, Hell L, Schmalfeldt B, Bokemeyer C, Fiedler W, Brauneck F
CELLS-BASEL. 2022;11(6):.

Increased frequency of TIGIT+CD73-CD8+ T cells with a TOX+ TCF-1low profile in patients with newly diagnosed and relapsed AML
Brauneck F, Haag F, Woost R, Wildner N, Tolosa E, Rissiek A, Vohwinkel G, Wellbrock J, Bokemeyer C, Schulze Zur Wiesch J, Ackermann C, Fiedler W
ONCOIMMUNOLOGY. 2021;10(1):1930391.

Combined Blockade of TIGIT and CD39 or A2AR Enhances NK-92 Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity in AML
Brauneck F, Seubert E, Wellbrock J, Schulze Zur Wiesch J, Duan Y, Magnus T, Bokemeyer C, Koch-Nolte F, Menzel S, Fiedler W
INT J MOL SCI. 2021;22(23):.

Bone Marrow-Resident Vδ1 T Cells Co-express TIGIT With PD-1, TIM-3 or CD39 in AML and Myeloma
Brauneck F, Weimer P, Schulze zur Wiesch J, Weisel K, Leypoldt L, Vohwinkel G, Fritzsche B, Bokemeyer C, Wellbrock J, Fiedler W
FRONT MED-LAUSANNE. 2021;8:763773.

Mebendazole Mediates Proteasomal Degradation of GLI Transcription Factors in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Freisleben F, Modemann F, Muschhammer J, Stamm H, Brauneck F, Krispien A, Bokemeyer C, Kirschner K, Wellbrock J, Fiedler W
INT J MOL SCI. 2021;22(19):10670.

High Mobility Group Box 1 (HMGB1) Induces Toll-Like Receptor 4-Mediated Production of the Immunosuppressive Protein Galectin-9 in Human Cancer Cells
Teo Hansen Selnø A, Schlichtner S, Yasinska I, Sakhnevych S, Fiedler W, Wellbrock J, Berger S, Klenova E, Gibbs B, Fasler-Kan E, Sumbayev V
FRONT IMMUNOL. 2021;12:.

The BET bromodomain inhibitor ZEN-3365 targets the Hedgehog signaling pathway in acute myeloid leukemia
Wellbrock J, Behrmann L, Muschhammer J, Modemann F, Khoury K, Brauneck F, Bokemeyer C, Campeau E, Fiedler W
ANN HEMATOL. 2021;100(12):2933-2941.

The bone marrow stromal niche: a therapeutic target of hematological myeloid malignancies
Behrmann L, Wellbrock J, Fiedler W
EXPERT OPIN THER TAR. 2020;24(5):451-462.

Downregulation of GLI3 Expression Mediates Chemotherapy Resistance in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Freisleben F, Behrmann L, Thaden V, Muschhammer J, Bokemeyer C, Fiedler W, Wellbrock J
INT J MOL SCI. 2020;21(14):.

Mechanisms of Tumor-Lymphatic Interactions in Invasive Breast and Prostate Carcinoma
Oliveira-Ferrer L, Milde-Langosch K, Eylmann K, Rossberg M, Müller V, Schmalfeldt B, Witzel I, Wellbrock J, Fiedler W
INT J MOL SCI. 2020;21(2):.

Preclinical Quantification of Prostate Cancer-Associated Vascular Alterations in the Bone Microenvironment in vivo
Schroeder M, Viezens L, Sündermann J, Hettenhausen S, Hauenherm G, Wellbrock J, Mussawy H, Kossow K, Schaefer C
EUR SURG RES. 2020;61(6):188-200.

Transforming growth factor beta type 1 (TGF-β) and hypoxia-inducible factor 1 (HIF-1) transcription complex as master regulators of the immunosuppressive protein galectin-9 expression in human cancer and embryonic cells
Selnø A, Schlichtner S, Yasinska I, Sakhnevych S, Fiedler W, Wellbrock J, Klenova E, Pavlova L, Gibbs B, Degen M, Schnyder I, Aliu N, Berger S, Fasler-Kan E, Sumbayev V
AGING-US. 2020;12(23):23478-23496.

Ligand-Receptor Interactions of Galectin-9 and VISTA Suppress Human T Lymphocyte Cytotoxic Activity
Yasinska I, Meyer N, Schlichtner S, Hussain R, Siligardi G, Casely-Hayford M, Fiedler W, Wellbrock J, Desmet C, Calzolai L, Varani L, Berger S, Raap U, Gibbs B, Fasler-Kan E, Sumbayev V
FRONT IMMUNOL. 2020;11:580557.

Targeting the TIGIT-PVR immune checkpoint axis as novel therapeutic option in breast cancer
Stamm H, Oliveira-Ferrer L, Grossjohann E, Muschhammer J, Thaden V, Brauneck F, Kischel R, Müller V, Bokemeyer C, Fiedler W, Wellbrock J
ONCOIMMUNOLOGY. 2019;8(12):e1674605.

3D in vitro system for measuring treatment responses to immunotherapy in CRC patients
Sturmheit T, Stamm H, Sutus Temovski T, Konczalla L, Brauneck F, Stange I, Köllmann S, Li J, Perez D, thastrup J, Wellbrock J, Fiedler W, Kupper J, Block A

The Actin Binding Protein Plastin-3 Is Involved in the Pathogenesis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Velthaus A, Cornils K, Hennigs J, Grüb S, Stamm H, Wicklein D, Bokemeyer C, Heuser M, Windhorst S, Fiedler W, Wellbrock J
CANCERS. 2019;11(11):.

Effect of the actin- and calcium-regulating activities of ITPKB on the metastatic potential of lung cancer cells
Bäder S, Glaubke E, Grüb S, Muhs S, Wellbrock J, Nalaskowski M, Lange T, Windhorst S
BIOCHEM J. 2018;475(12):2057-2071.

Acute Myeloid Leukemia and the Bone Marrow Niche-Take a Closer Look
Behrmann L, Wellbrock J, Fiedler W
FRONT ONCOL. 2018;8:444.

Development and Characterization of a Spontaneously Metastatic Patient-Derived Xenograft Model of Human Prostate Cancer
Lange T, Oh-Hohenhorst S, Joosse S, Pantel K, Hahn O, Gosau T, Dyshlovoy S, Wellbrock J, Feldhaus S, Maar H, Gehrcke R, Kluth M, Simon R, Schlomm T, Huland H, Schumacher U
SCI REP-UK. 2018;8:17535.

The bone microenvironment promotes tumor growth and tissue perfusion compared with striated muscle in a preclinical model of prostate cancer in vivo
Mussawy H, Viezens L, Schröder M, Hettenhausen S, Sündermann J, Wellbrock J, Kossow K, Schäfer C
BMC CANCER. 2018;18(1):979.

Cortisol facilitates the immune escape of human acute myeloid leukemia cells by inducing latrophilin 1 expression
Sakhnevych S, Yasinska I, Bratt A, Benlaouer O, Gonçalves Silva I, Hussain R, Siligardi G, Fiedler W, Wellbrock J, Gibbs B, Ushkaryov Y, Sumbayev V
CELL MOL IMMUNOL. 2018;15(11):994-997.

Immune checkpoints PVR and PVRL2 are prognostic markers in AML and their blockade represents a new therapeutic option
Stamm H, Klingler F, Grossjohann E, Muschhammer J, Vettorazzi E, Heuser M, Mock U, Thol F, Vohwinkel G, Latuske E, Bokemeyer C, Kischel R, Dos Santos C, Stienen S, Friedrich M, Lutteropp M, Nagorsen D, Wellbrock J, Fiedler W
ONCOGENE. 2018;37(39):5269-5280.

Interaction of PVR/PVRL2 with TIGIT/DNAM-1 as a novel immune checkpoint axis and therapeutic target in cancer
Stamm H, Wellbrock J, Fiedler W
MAMM GENOME. 2018;29(11-12):694-702.

Highly specific targeting of human acute myeloid leukaemia cells using pharmacologically active nanoconjugates
Yasinska I, Ceccone G, Ojea-Jimenez I, Ponti J, Hussain R, Siligardi G, Berger S, Fasler-Kan E, Bardelli M, Varani L, Fiedler W, Wellbrock J, Raap U, Gibbs B, Calzolai L, Sumbayev V
NANOSCALE. 2018;10(13):5827-5833.

High mobility group box 1 (HMGB1) acts as an "alarmin" to promote acute myeloid leukaemia progression
Yasinska I, Gonçalves Silva I, Sakhnevych S, Ruegg L, Hussain R, Siligardi G, Fiedler W, Wellbrock J, Bardelli M, Varani L, Raap U, Berger S, Gibbs B, Fasler-Kan E, Sumbayev V
ONCOIMMUNOLOGY. 2018;7(6):e1438109.

The Tim-3-galectin-9 Secretory Pathway is Involved in the Immune Escape of Human Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells
Gonçalves Silva I, Yasinska I, Sakhnevych S, Fiedler W, Wellbrock J, Bardelli M, Varani L, Hussain R, Siligardi G, Ceccone G, Berger S, Ushkaryov Y, Gibbs B, Fasler-Kan E, Sumbayev V
EBIOMEDICINE. 2017;22:44-57.

Comparison between Minimally Invasive Surgery and Conventional Open Surgery for Patients with Spinal Metastasis: A Prospective Propensity Score-Matched Study
Hansen-Algenstaedt N, Kwan M, Algenstaedt P, Chiu C, Viezens L, Chan T, Lee C, Wellbrock J, Chan C, Schaefer C
SPINE. 2017;42(10):789-797.

Strong fascin expression promotes metastasis independent of its F-actin bundling activity
Heinz L, Muhs S, Schiewek J, Grüb S, Nalaskowski M, Lin Y, Wikman H, Oliveira-Ferrer L, Lange T, Wellbrock J, Konietzny A, Mikhaylova M, Windhorst S
ONCOTARGET. 2017;8(66):110077-110091.

Combined inhibition of GLI and FLT3 signaling leads to effective anti-leukemic effects in human acute myeloid leukemia
Latuske E, Stamm H, Klokow M, Vohwinkel G, Muschhammer J, Bokemeyer C, Jücker M, Kebenko M, Fiedler W, Wellbrock J
ONCOTARGET. 2017;8(17):29187-29201.

RUNX1 Upregulation by Cytotoxic Drugs Promotes Apoptosis
Speidel D, Wellbrock J, Abas M
CANCER RES. 2017;77(24):6818-6824.

SHIP1, but not an AML-derived SHIP1 mutant, suppresses myeloid leukemia growth in a xenotransplantation mouse model
Täger M, Horn S, Latuske E, Ehm P, Schaks M, Nalaskowski M, Fehse B, Fiedler W, Stocking C, Wellbrock J, Jücker M
GENE THER. 2017;24(11):749-753.

Relevance of the Hedgehog pathway in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Wellbrock J, Fiedler W
TRANSL CANCER RES. 2017;6(Suppl 2):286-291.

Deoxycytidine kinase is downregulated under hypoxic conditions and confers resistance against cytarabine in acute myeloid leukaemia
Degwert N, Latuske E, Vohwinkel G, Stamm H, Klokow M, Bokemeyer C, Fiedler W, Wellbrock J
EUR J HAEMATOL. 2016;97(3):239-44.

Sunitinib treatment reduces tumor growth and limits changes in microvascular properties after minor surgical intervention in an in vivo model of secondary breast cancer growth in bone
Schroeder M, Viezens L, Wellbrock J, Fiedler W, Ruether W, Algenstaedt P, Hansen-Algenstaedt N, Schäfer C
J SURG ONCOL. 2016;113(5):515-21.

ErbB2 signaling activates the Hedgehog pathway via PI3K-Akt in human esophageal adenocarcinoma: Identification of novel targets for concerted therapy concepts
Kebenko M, Drenckhan A, Gros S, Jücker M, Grabinski N, Ewald F, Grottke A, Schultze A, Izbicki J, Bokemeyer C, Wellbrock J, Fiedler W
CELL SIGNAL. 2015;27(2):373-81.

Intrinsic BMP Antagonist Gremlin-1 as a Novel Circulating Marker in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Wellbrock J, Harbaum L, Stamm H, Hennigs J, Schulz B, Klose H, Bokemeyer C, Fiedler W, Lüneburg N
LUNG. 2015.

Expression of Hedgehog Pathway Mediator GLI Represents a Negative Prognostic Marker in Human Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Its Inhibition Exerts Antileukemic Effects
Wellbrock J, Latuske E, Köhler J, Wagner K, Stamm H, Vettorazzi E, Vohwinkel G, Klokow M, Uibeleisen R, Ehm P, Riecken K, Loges S, Thol F, Schubert C, Amling M, Jücker M, Bokemeyer C, Heuser M, Krauter J, Fiedler W

New antiangiogenic strategies beyond inhibition of vascular endothelial growth factor with special focus on axon guidance molecules
Pircher A, Wellbrock J, Fiedler W, Heidegger I, Gunsilius E, Hilbe W
NEURO-ONCOLOGY. 2014;86(1):46-52.

Overexpression of Gremlin-1 in Patients with Loeys-Dietz Syndrome: Implications on Pathophysiology and Early Disease Detection
Wellbrock J, Sheikhzadeh S, Oliveira Ferrer L, Stamm H, Hillebrand M, Keyser B, Klokow M, Vohwinkel G, Bonk V, Otto B, Streichert T, Balabanov S, Hagel C, Rybczynski M, Bentzien F, Bokemeyer C, Kodolitsch Y, Fiedler W
PLOS ONE. 2014;9(8):e104742.

Axl, a prognostic and therapeutic target in acute myeloid leukemia mediates paracrine crosstalk of leukemia cells with bone marrow stroma
Ben Batalla I, Schultze A, Wroblewski M, Erdmann R, Heuser M, Waizenegger J, Riecken K, Binder M, Schewe D, Sawall S, Witzke V, Cubas Cordova M, Janning M, Wellbrock J, Fehse B, Hagel C, Krauter J, Ganser A, Lorens J, Fiedler W, Carmeliet P, Pantel K, Bokemeyer C, Loges S
BLOOD. 2013;122(14):2443-52.

Combination therapy targeting integrins reduces glioblastoma tumor growth through antiangiogenic and direct antitumor activity and leads to activation of the pro-proliferative prolactin pathway
Oliveira Ferrer L, Wellbrock J, Bartsch U, Penas E, Hauschild J, Klokow M, Bokemeyer C, Fiedler W, Schuch G
MOL CANCER. 2013;12(1):144.

The metabolite 3-hydroxiglutaric acid effectively reduces glioblastoma growth in vivo by affecting the structural integrity of tumor vasculature.
Oliveira-Ferrer L, Wellbrock J, Balabanov M, Klockow M, Hauschild J, Bokemeyer C, Fiedler W, Ergun S, Schuch G
CANCER LETT. 2012;326(2):161-167.

CD146: a new partner for VEGFR2.
Wellbrock J, Fiedler W
BLOOD. 2012;120(11):2164-2165.

Primary tumor dependent inhibition of tumor growth, Angio-Genesis, and perfusion of secondary breast cancer in bone.
Schäfer C, Schröder M, Fuhrhop I, Viezens L, Wellbrock J, Fiedler W, Rüther W, Hansen-Algenstaedt N
J ORTHOP RES. 2011;29(8):1251-1258.

Clinical experience with antiangiogenic therapy in leukemia.
Wellbrock J, Fiedler W
CURR CANCER DRUG TAR. 2011;11(9):1053-1068.

Microcirculation of secondary bone tumors in vivo: the impact of minor surgery at a distal site.
Schäfer C, Fuhrhop I, Schröder M, Viezens L, Wellbrock J, Fiedler W, Rüther W, Hansen-Algenstaedt N
J ORTHOP RES. 2010;28(11):1515-1521.

Tgf-Beta superfamily receptors-targets for antiangiogenic therapy?
Wellbrock J, Bokemeyer C, Fiedler W
J ONCOL. 2010;2010:317068.

TAE226-mediated inhibition of focal adhesion kinase interferes with tumor angiogenesis and vasculogenesis.
Schultze A, Decker S, Wellbrock J, Horst A, Vohwinkel G, Schuch G, Bokemeyer C, Loges S, Fiedler W

Blood outgrowth endothelial cells from chronic myeloid leukaemia patients are BCR/ABL1 negative.
Wellbrock J, Schultze A, Schafhausen P, Otterstetter S, Dierlamm J, Bokemeyer C, Brümmendorf T, Fiedler W, Loges S
BRIT J HAEMATOL. 2008;142(1):115-118.

Cilengitide inhibits proliferation and differentiation of human endothelial progenitor cells in vitro.
Loges S, Butzal M, Wellbrock J, Schweizer M, Fischer U, Bokemeyer C, Hossfeld D, Schuch G, Fiedler W
BIOCHEM BIOPH RES CO. 2007;357(4):1016-1020.

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