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Action prediction in psychosis
Montobbio N, Zingarelli E, Folesani F, Memeo M, Croce E, Cavallo A, Grassi L, Fadiga L, Panzeri S, Belvederi Murri M, Becchio C
Schizophrenia. 2024;10(1):8.

Neural network-based Bluetooth synchronization of multiple wearable devices
Balasubramanian K, Merello A, Zini G, Foster N, Cavallo A, Becchio C, Crepaldi M
NAT COMMUN. 2023;14(1):4472.

The 'hand paradox': distorted representations guide optimal actions
Bassolino M, Becchio C
TRENDS COGN SCI. 2023;27(1):7-8.

Observational learning of atypical biological kinematics in autism
Foster N, Bennett S, Pullar K, Causer J, Becchio C, Clowes D, Hayes S
AUTISM RES. 2023;16(9):1799-1810.

Fast but Not Slow Force Development Is Impaired in Autism
Foster N, Memeo M, Ansuini C, Battaglia F, Nobili L, Farina D, Becchio C, Del Vecchio A
2023. 2023 Annual Meeting. .

P-75 Force production variability coincides with greater motor unit interspike interval variability in autism spectrum disorders
Foster N, Memeo M, Ansuini C, Battaglia F, Nobili L, Farina D, Becchio C, Del Vecchio A
CLIN NEUROPHYSIOL. 2023;148:e42-e43.

Maximising Coefficiency of Human-Robot Handovers Through Reinforcement Learning.
Lagomarsino M, Lorenzini M, Constable M, De Momi E, Becchio C, Ajoudani A
IEEE ROBOT AUTOM LET. 2023;8(8):4378-4385.

Morphology, connectivity and encoding features of tactile and motor representations of the fingers in the human precentral and postcentral gyrus
Mastria G, Scaliti E, Mehring C, Burdet E, Becchio C, Serino A, Akselrod M
J NEUROSCI. 2023;43(9):1572-1589.

Human Movement Datasets: An Interdisciplinary Scoping Review.
Olugbade T, Bieńkiewicz M, Barbareschi G, D’amato V, Oneto L, Camurri A, Holloway C, Björkman M, Keller P, Clayton , De C Williams A, Gold N, Becchio C, Bardy B, Bianchi-Berthouze N
ACM COMPUT SURV. 2023;55(6):.

P-81 Decoding phantom arm movement using superficial electromyography
Scaliti E, Panzeri S, Gruppioni E, Becchio C
CLIN NEUROPHYSIOL. 2023;148:e45.

Kinematic priming of action predictions
Scaliti E, Pullar K, Borghini G, Cavallo A, Panzeri S, Becchio C
CURR BIOL. 2023;33(13):2717-2727.e6.

A Transcutaneous Fetal Visual Stimulator
Balasubramanian K, Diotalevi F, Lorini C, Cavallo A, Pretti N, Paladini D, Torazza D, Becchio C, Crepaldi M
IEEE ACCESS. 2022;10:45979 - 45996.

Intersecting kinematic encoding and readout of intention in autism
Montobbio N, Cavallo A, Albergo D, Ansuini C, Battaglia F, Podda J, Nobili L, Panzeri S, Becchio C
P NATL ACAD SCI USA. 2022;119(5):.

Why 4D ultrasound has not (yet) revolutionized fetal movement research
Pretti N, Paladini D, Panzeri S, Becchio C
ULTRASOUND OBST GYN. 2022;59(5):569-573.

Kinematic readout of intention primes action prediction
Scaliti E, Pullar K, Borghini G, Cavallo A, Panzeri S, Becchio C
J VISION. 2022;22(14):.

Decoding social decisions from movement kinematics
Turri G, Cavallo A, Romeo L, Pontil M, Sanfey A, Panzeri S, Becchio C
ISCIENCE. 2022;25(12):105550.

A low-cost stand-alone platform for measuring motor behavior across developmental applications
Cavallo A, Foster N, Balasubramanian K, Merello A, Zini G, Crepaldi M, Becchio C
ISCIENCE. 2021;24(7):.

Understanding joint action: Current theoretical and empirical approaches
van der Wel R, Becchio C, Curioni A, Wolf T
ACTA PSYCHOL. 2021;215:.

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