Britta Fritzsche
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Britta Fritzsche
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Increased cathepsin D protein expression is a biomarker for osteosarcomas, pulmonary metastases and other bone malignancies
Gemoll T, Epping F, Heinrich L, Fritzsche B, Roblick U, Szymczak S, Hartwig S, Depping R, Bruch H, Thorns C, Lehr S, Paech A, Habermann J
ONCOTARGET. 2015;6(18):16517-26.


Aneuploidy-associated gene expression signatures characterize malignant transformation in ulcerative colitis
Gerling M, Nousiainen K, Hautaniemi S, Krüger S, Fritzsche B, Homann N, Bruch H, Auer G, Roblick U, Ried T, Habermann J
INFLAMM BOWEL DIS. 2013;19(4):691-703.


CYP26A1-specific antagonist influence on embryonic implantation, gene expression and endogenous retinoid concentration in rats
Fritzsche B, Schuchardt J, Schmidt A, Nau H, Schweigert F, Rühl R
REPROD TOXICOL. 2010;30(3):446-51.

High Frequency of Aneuploidy Defines Ulcerative Colitis-Associated Carcinomas: A Prognostic Comparison to Sporadic Colorectal Carcinomas
Gerling M, Meyer K, Fuchs K, Igl B, Fritzsche B, Ziegler A, Bader F, Kujath P, Schimmelpenning H, Bruch H, Roblick U, Habermann J
ANN SURG. 2010;252(1):74-83.


From the genome to the proteome--biomarkers in colorectal cancer
Habermann J, Bader F, Franke C, Zimmermann K, Gemoll T, Fritzsche B, Ried T, Auer G, Bruch H, Roblick U
LANGENBECK ARCH SURG. 2008;393(1):93-104.

Retinoid receptor-activating ligands are produced within the mouse thymus during postnatal development
Kiss I, Rühl R, Szegezdi E, Fritzsche B, Tóth B, Pongrácz J, Perlmann T, Fésüs L, Szondy Z
EUR J IMMUNOL. 2008;38(1):147-55.


Regulation of expression of the retinoic acid metabolizing enzyme CYP26A1 in uteri of ovariectomized mice after treatment with ovarian steroid hormones
Fritzsche B, Vermot J, Neumann U, Schmidt A, Schweigert F, Dollé P, Rühl R
MOL REPROD DEV. 2007;74(2):258-64.


Regulation of expression of the retinoic acid-synthesising enzymes retinaldehyde dehydrogenases in the uteri of ovariectomised mice after treatment with oestrogen, gestagen and their combination
Rühl R, Fritzsche B, Vermot J, Niederreither K, Neumann U, Schmidt A, Schweigert F, Dollé P
Reproduction, fertility and Development . 2006;18(3):339-45.

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