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Patient involvement in developing a patient-targeted feedback intervention after depression screening in primary care within the randomized controlled trial GET.FEEDBACK.GP
Seeralan T, Härter M, Koschnitzke C, Scholl M, Kohlmann S, Lehmann M, Eisele M, Braunschneider L, Marx G, Scherer M, Löwe B, Magaard J, Brütt A


Research priorities set by people with OCD and OCD researchers: Do the commonalities outweigh the differences?
Kühne F, Brütt A, Otterbeck M, Weck F
HEALTH EXPECT. 2019 [Epub ahead of print].

Depressionsbehandlung aus Betroffenensicht – Eine qualitative Analyse der subjektiven Behandlungsvorstellungen über Psychotherapie und hausärztliche Versorgung von Menschen mit Depressionen
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Content comparison of guideline-recommended instruments used in treatment for alcohol use disorders
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A cross-sectional survey of factors associated with the uptake of smoking cessation aids among smokers and ex-smokers
Bartsch A, Carlsen L, Härter M, Brütt A, Buchholz A

Prozessevaluation einer Intervention zur kooperativen Raucherentwöhnung
Bartsch A, Härter M, Brütt A, Buchholz A
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Forschen für uns! Welche Forschungsthemen interessieren von Depression Betroffene?
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Lebensqualität und Wohlbefinden
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Collaborative mental health care program versus a general practitioner program and usual care for treatment of patients with mental or neurological disorders in Germany: protocol of a multiperspective evaluation study
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Illness beliefs about depression among patients seeking depression care and patients seeking cardiac care: an exploratory analysis using a mixed method design
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Mentalization and Self-Efficacy as Mediators between Psychological Symptom Severity and Disabilities in Activities and Participation in Psychotherapy Patients
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Mitforschen, aber wie? Entwicklung und Evaluation eines Forschungstrainings für Psychiatrieerfahrene
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Patient involvement in a systematic review: Development and pilot evaluation of a patient workshop
Brütt A, Meister R, Bernges T, Moritz S, Härter M, Kriston L, Kühne F
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What Do Patients Think about the Cause of Their Mental Disorder? A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Causal Beliefs of Mental Disorder in Inpatients in Psychosomatic Rehabilitation
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Factors associated with help-seeking behaviour among individuals with major depression: A systematic review
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A Systematic Literature Review of Self-Reported Smoking Cessation Counseling by Primary Care Physicians
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Teilhabeforschung: Bedeutung, Konzepte, Zielsetzung und Methoden
Brütt A, Buschmann-Steinhage R, Kirschning S, Wegscheider K

A qualitative investigation of barriers and facilitators of rehabilitation success from the psychosomatic inpatients' perspective
Brütt A, Magaard J, Andreas S, Schulz H
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Behandlungskonzepte auf Basis individueller Risiken
Brütt A, Magaard J, Niedrich J, Schulz H
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Routine use of patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) for improving treatment of common mental health disorders in adults
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Psychometric properties of an instrument to measure activities and participation according to the ICF concept in patients with mental disorders
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Replikation der psychometrischen Gütekriterien des ICF-PsychA&P
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ICF-basierte Messinstrumente zur Bedarfserfassung und Evaluation in der Behandlung von Patienten mit psychischen Störungen - ein systematisches Review
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Evaluating a collaborative smoking cessation intervention in primary care (ENTER): study protocol for a cluster-randomized controlled trial
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Linking a short-stature specific health-related quality of life measure (QoLISSY) to the International Classification of Functioning - Children and Youth (ICF-CY)
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Anwendung der Internationalen Klassifikation der Funktionsfähigkeit, Behinderung und Gesundheit (ICF) in der psychosomatischen Rehabilitation und Suchtrehabilitation in Deutschland - eine Bestandsaufnahme
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Meaning in life: Relationship to clinical diagnosis and psychotherapy outcome.
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Development of an ICF-based core set of activities and participation for patients with mental disorders: an approach based upon data
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Lebensqualität chronisch kranker Jugendlicher
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Gesundheits- und Krankheitsvorstellungen: Bedeutung für Forschung und Praxis
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Assessment of health-related quality of life and patient satisfaction in children and adolescents with growth hormone deficiency or idiopathic short stature - part 1: a critical evaluation of available tools.
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Lebensqualität und Förderung der Lebensqualität
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Health-related quality of life of children and adolescents with growth hormone deficiency or idiopathic short stature - part 2: available results and future directions.
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