Tina Haase
Tina Haase
  • Research assistant
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Campus Forschung N27 , 3rd Floor, Room number 3.023
German (Mother tongue)


  • 2020
  • 2018
  • 2016
  • 2015

Biomarkers for Heart Failure Prognosis: Proteins, Genetic Scores and Non-coding RNAs
Shrivastava A, Haase T, Zeller T, Schulte C
Front Cardiovasc Med. 2020;7:601364.

Novel DNA Methylation Sites Influence GPR15 Expression in Relation to Smoking
Haase T, Müller C, Krause J, Röthemeier C, Stenzig J, Kunze S, Waldenberger M, Münzel T, Pfeiffer N, Wild P, Michal M, Marini F, Karakas M, Lackner K, Blankenberg S, Zeller T
Biomolecules. 2018;8(3):74.

Linking the sympathetic nervous system to the inflammasome: towards new therapeutics for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease
Karakas M, Haase T, Zeller T
EUR HEART J. 2018;39(1):70-72.

Systems Medicine as an Emerging Tool for Cardiovascular Genetics
Haase T, Börnigen D, Müller C, Zeller T
Front Cardiovasc Med. 2016;3:27.

Molecular Characterization of the NLRC4 Expression in Relation to Interleukin-18 Levels
Zeller T, Haase T, Müller C, Riess H, Lau D, Zeller S, Krause J, Baumert J, Pless O, Dupuis J, Wild P, Eleftheriadis M, Waldenberger M, Zeilinger S, Ziegler A, Peters A, Tiret L, Proust C, Marzi C, Munzel T, Strauch K, Prokisch H, Lackner K, Herder C, Thorand B, Benjamin E, Blankenberg S, Koenig W, Schnabel R
CIRC-CARDIOVASC GENE. 2015;8(5):717-26.

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