Tim Rolvien
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Dr. med.
Tim Rolvien
  • Senior physician
  • Principal investigator
  • Medical Specialist in Orthopaedics and Traumatology
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Bisphosphonate Use and Periprosthetic Fractures
Alimy A, Beil F, Amling M, Rolvien T
J ARTHROPLASTY. 2024;39(1):e1-e2.

Piezo1 expression in chondrocytes controls endochondral ossification and osteoarthritis development
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Alterations in compositional and cellular properties of the subchondral bone are linked to cartilage degeneration in hip osteoarthritis
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Pronounced cortical porosity and sex-specific patterns of increased bone and osteocyte lacunar mineralization characterize the human distal fibula with aging
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Patients with Periprosthetic Femoral Hip Fractures are Commonly Classified as Having Osteoporosis Based on DXA Measurements
Ritter J, Alimy A, Simon A, Hubert J, Ries C, Rolvien T, Beil F
CALCIFIED TISSUE INT. 2024 [Epub ahead of print].

Areal bone mineral density is not associated with femoral stem subsidence in patients younger than 70 years undergoing total hip arthroplasty
Rolvien T, Thiessen M, Boese C, Bechler U, Strahl A, Beil F, Ries C
ARCH ORTHOP TRAUM SU. 2024;144(3):1415-1422.

Influence of health literacy on health-related quality of life after total hip arthroplasty
Strahl A, Bücker L, Bechler U, Krüger L, Ries C, Hubert J, Beil F, Rolvien T
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A clinical risk score enables early prediction of dissatisfaction 1 year after total knee arthroplasty
Strahl A, Delsmann M, Simon A, Ries C, Rolvien T, Beil F
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Tranexamic Acid Attenuates the Progression of Posttraumatic Osteoarthritis in Mice
Xie W, Jiang S, Donat A, Knapstein P, Albertsen L, Kokot J, Erdmann C, Rolvien T, Frosch K, Baranowsky A, Keller J
AM J SPORT MED. 2024;52(3):766-778.


Does Minimally Invasive Surgery Provide Better Clinical or Radiographic Outcomes Than Open Surgery in the Treatment of Hallux Valgus Deformity? - A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Alimy A, Polzer H, Ocokoljic A, Ray R, Lewis T, Rolvien T, Waizy H
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Performance and Hypothetical Impact on Joint Infection Management of the BioFire Joint Infection Panel: a Retrospective Analysis
Berinson B, Spenke L, Krivec L, Tanida K, Both A, Keller J, Rolvien T, Christner M, Lütgehetmann M, Aepfelbacher M, Klatte T, Rohde H
J CLIN MICROBIOL. 2023;61(8):.

Bi-planar calibration method for templating of hip joint arthroplasty: phantom study and proof of concept
Boese C, Rolvien T, Henes F, Beil F, Strahl A, Ries C
INT ORTHOP. 2023;47(5):1249-1257.

Mice heterozygous for an osteogenesis imperfecta-linked MBTPS2 variant display a compromised subchondral osteocyte lacunocanalicular network associated with abnormal articular cartilage
Danyukova T, Alimy A, Velho R, Yorgan T, Di Lorenzo G, von Kroge S, Tidow H, Wiegert J, Hermans-Borgmeyer I, Schinke T, Rolvien T, Pohl S
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Bone mineral density and microarchitecture change during skeletal growth in harbor seals (Phoca vitulina) from the German coast
Delsmann J, Schmidt B, Oheim R, Amling M, Rolvien T, Siebert U
SCI REP-UK. 2023;13(1):.

Cholesteatoma Severely Impacts the Integrity and Bone Material Quality of the Incus
Delsmann M, Bonik P, Ocokoljic A, Häussler S, Püschel K, Praetorius M, Amling M, Peichl J, Rolvien T
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Radiolucent zones of biodegradable magnesium-based screws in children and adolescents-a radiographic analysis
Delsmann M, Stürznickel J, Kertai M, Stücker R, Rolvien T, Rupprecht M
ARCH ORTHOP TRAUM SU. 2023;143(5):2297-2305.

Increased local bone turnover in patients with chronic periprosthetic joint infection
Hinz N, Butscheidt S, Jandl N, Rohde H, Keller J, Beil F, Hubert J, Rolvien T
BONE JOINT RES. 2023;12(10):644-653.

Return to sport following low-risk and high-risk bone stress injuries: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Hoenig T, Eissele J, Strahl A, Popp K, Stürznickel J, Ackerman K, Hollander K, Warden S, Frosch K, Tenforde A, Rolvien T
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Video analysis of Achilles tendon ruptures in professional male football (soccer) reveals underlying injury patterns and provides strategies for injury prevention
Hoenig T, Gronwald T, Hollander K, Klein C, Frosch K, Ueblacker P, Rolvien T
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Absolute synovial polymorphonuclear neutrophil cell count as a biomarker of periprosthetic joint infection
Jandl N, Kleiss S, Mussawy H, Beil F, Hubert J, Rolvien T
BONE JOINT J. 2023;105-B(4):373-381.

Analysis of Three-Dimensional Bone Microarchitecture of the Axis Exposes Pronounced Regional Heterogeneity Associated with Clinical Fracture Patterns
Koepke L, Kroge S, Heuer A, Kammal A, Ondruschka B, Rolvien T, Viezens L
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Does the COVID-19 personal protective equipment impair the surgeon’s performance?
Kolb J, Hättich A, Strahl A, Rolvien T, Hennigs J, Barg A, Frosch K, Hartel M, Schlickewei C
ARCH ORTHOP TRAUM SU. 2023;143(4):1989-1997.

The Diagnostic Challenge of Osteoid Osteoma in the Bones of the Hand-A Case Series
Meyer J, Priemel M, Rolvien T, Frosch K, Schlickewei C, Yarar-Schlickewei S
DIAGNOSTICS. 2023;13(7):.

Osteoid osteoma in the bones of the hand: a systematic literature review
Meyer J, Rolvien T, Reiter A, Priemel M, Frosch K, Krukenberg A, Yarar-Schlickewei S
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Morphologic analysis of the 1st and 2nd tarsometatarsal joint articular surfaces
Requist M, Rolvien T, Barg A, Lenz A
SCI REP-UK. 2023;13(1):.

A novel bi-planar calibration method for digital templating in total hip arthroplasty
Ries C, Rolvien T, Beil F, Boese H, Boese C
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Denosumab and muscle performance
Rolvien T, Rupp T, Strahl A, Amling M
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Surgical outcome of avulsion fractures of the distal fibula: a systematic literature review
Schlickewei C, Krähenbühl N, Rolvien T, Stürznickel J, Yarar-Schlickewei S, DeKeyser G, Frosch K, Barg A
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Age-, sex- and subregion-specific properties of distal fibular microarchitecture and strength: an ex vivo HR-pQCT study
Schlickewei C, Schweizer C, Püschel K, Ondruschka B, Kleinertz H, Barg A, Rolvien T, Stürznickel J
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Diagnostic value of open incisional biopsies in suspected, difficult-to-diagnose periprosthetic hip joint infection prior to revision surgery
Simon M, Beyersdorff J, Strahl A, Rolvien T, Rüther W, Niemeier A
ARCH ORTHOP TRAUM SU. 2023;143(3):1663 - 1670.

Outcome of different reconstruction options using allografts in revision total hip arthroplasty for severe acetabular bone loss: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Strahl A, Boese C, Ries C, Hubert J, Beil F, Rolvien T
ARCH ORTHOP TRAUM SU. 2023;143(10):6403-6422.

Conservative versus operative treatment of FFP II fractures in a geriatric cohort: a prospective randomized pilot trial
Thiesen D, Althoff G, Strahl A, Rolvien T, Frosch K, Koepke L, Arras C, Ballhause T, Dalos D, Hartel M
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Classifications of posterior malleolar fractures: a systematic literature review
und K, Weel H, Frosch K, Rolvien T, Schlickewei C, Mueller E
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Do Clinical Parameters Reflect Local Bone Metabolism in Heterotopic Ossification After Septic or Aseptic THA?
von Kroge S, Büyükyilmaz Z, Alimy A, Hubert J, Citak M, Amling M, Beil F, Ohlmeier M, Rolvien T
CLIN ORTHOP RELAT R. 2023;481(10):2029-2041.

Epidemiology of injuries and illnesses in elite wheelchair basketball players over a whole season - a prospective cohort study
Weith M, Junge A, Rolvien T, Kluge S, Hollander K
BMC SPORTS SCI MED R. 2023;15(1):84.

Effects of Infantile Hypophosphatasia on Human Dental Tissue
Wölfel E, von Kroge S, Matthies L, Köhne T, Petz K, Beikler T, Schmid-Herrmann C, Kahl-Nieke B, Tsiakas K, Santer R, Muschol N, Herrmann J, Busse B, Amling M, Rolvien T, Jandl N, Barvencik F
CALCIFIED TISSUE INT. 2023;112(3):308-319.


Tumorlokalisation und Therapie der onkogenen Osteomalazie
Beil F, Stürznickel J, Rolvien T, Amling M, Oheim R
Z RHEUMATOL. 2022;81(3):182-188.

Prevention of Hypomineralization In Auditory Ossicles of Vitamin D Receptor (Vdr) Deficient Mice
Delsmann M, Peichl J, Yorgan T, Beil F, Amling M, Demay M, Rolvien T

Prevalence of osteoporosis and osteopenia in elderly patients scheduled for total knee arthroplasty
Delsmann M, Schmidt C, Mühlenfeld M, Jandl N, Boese C, Beil F, Rolvien T, Ries C
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Bone stress injuries
Hoenig T, Ackerman K, Beck B, Bouxsein M, Burr D, Hollander K, Popp K, Rolvien T, Tenforde A, Warden S
NAT REV DIS PRIMERS. 2022;8(1):.

Does Magnetic Resonance Imaging Grading Correlate With Return to Sports After Bone Stress Injuries? A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Hoenig T, Tenforde A, Strahl A, Rolvien T, Hollander K
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The Bone Microarchitecture Deficit in Patients with Hemophilia Is Influenced by Arthropathy, Hepatitis C Infection, and Physical Activity
Holstein K, Witt L, Matysiak A, Schmidt C, Barvencik F, Amling M, Rolvien T, Langer F
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17th German Spine Congress, Annual Meeting of the German Spine Society: The three-dimensional bone microstructure of the axis and clinical implications
Köpke L, von Kroge S, Heuer A, Kammal M, Ondruschka B, Rolvien T, Viezens L
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Reliability, validity and clinical applicability of the German version of the European Foot and Ankle Society Score
Krüger L, Rolvien T, Seller M, Hubert J, Beil F, Strahl A
FOOT ANKLE SURG. 2022;28(8):1307-1313.

The histopathological synovitis score is influenced by biopsy location in patients with knee osteoarthritis
Mussawy H, Zustin J, Luebke A, Strahl A, Krenn V, Rüther W, Rolvien T
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Genetic Diagnostics in Routine Osteological Assessment of Adult Low Bone Mass Disorders
Oheim R, Tsourdi E, Seefried L, Beller G, Schubach M, Vettorazzi E, Stürznickel J, Rolvien T, Ehmke N, Delsmann A, Genest F, Krüger U, Zemojtel T, Barvencik F, Schinke T, Jakob F, Hofbauer L, Mundlos S, Kornak U
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The Clinical Outcome of Different Total Knee Arthroplasty Designs in One-Stage Revision for Periprosthetic Infection
Ohlmeier M, Alrustom F, Citak M, Rolvien T, Gehrke T, Frings J
J ARTHROPLASTY. 2022;37(2):359-366.

A machine learning approach to identify risk factors for running-related injuries: study protocol for a prospective longitudinal cohort trial
Rahlf A, Hoenig T, Stürznickel J, Cremans K, Fohrmann D, Sanchez-Alvarado A, Rolvien T, Hollander K
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Micro-CT analysis of the Lisfranc complex reveals higher bone mineral density in dorsal compared to plantar regions
Requist M, Sripanich Y, Rolvien T, Lenz A, Barg A
J ORTHOP RES. 2022;40(6):1457-1469.

Pulmonary cement embolism is frequently observed but not a contributing factor for death in patients with cemented total hip and knee arthroplasty: a postmortem study
Ritter J, Hubert J, Kniep I, Beil F, Rolvien T, Püschel K
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Disuse Osteoporosis: Clinical and Mechanistic Insights
Rolvien T, Amling M
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Clinical features of methotrexate osteopathy in rheumatic musculoskeletal disease: A systematic review
Ruffer N, Krusche M, Beil F, Amling M, Kötter I, Rolvien T
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Bilateral Stress Fractures of the Lower Extremity in Methotrexate Osteopathy
Ruffer N, Stürznickel J, Rolvien T
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Beneficial effects of denosumab on muscle performance in patients with low BMD: a retrospective, propensity score-matched study
Rupp T, von Vopelius E, Strahl A, Oheim R, Barvencik F, Amling M, Rolvien T
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Investigation of distal femur microarchitecture and factors influencing its deterioration: An ex vivo high-resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography study
Schmidt C, Riedel C, Stürznickel J, Mushumba H, Delsmann M, Ries C, Kleiss S, Bannas P, Beil F, Amling M, Püschel K, Rolvien T, Hubert J
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Influence of X-rays and gamma-rays on the mechanical performance of human bone factoring out intraindividual bone structure and composition indices
Schmidt F, Hahn M, Stockhausen K, Rolvien T, Schmidt C, Knopp T, Schulze C, Püschel K, Amling M, Busse B
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Blast injury on harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) from the Baltic Sea after explosions of deposits of World War II ammunition
Siebert U, Stürznickel J, Schaffeld T, Oheim R, Rolvien T, Prenger-Berninghoff E, Wohlsein P, Lakemeyer J, Rohner S, Aroha Schick L, Gross S, Nachtsheim D, Ewers C, Becher P, Amling M, Morell M
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Compartment-specific effects of muscle strength on bone microarchitecture in women at high risk of osteoporosis
Simon A, Schäfer H, Schmidt F, Stürznickel J, Amling M, Rolvien T
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Evaluation of the patient-accompanying app "alley ortho companion" for patients with osteoarthritis of the knee and hip: study protocol for a randomized controlled multi-center trial
Strahl A, Graichen H, Haas H, Hube R, Perka C, Rolvien T, Hubert J
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Impaired Bone Microarchitecture at Distal Radial and Tibial Reference Locations Is Not Related to Injury Site in Athletes With Bone Stress Injury
Stürznickel J, Hinz N, Delsmann M, Hoenig T, Rolvien T
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Superior Bone Microarchitecture in Anatomic Versus Nonanatomic Fibular Drill Tunnels for Reconstruction of the Posterolateral Corner of the Knee
Stürznickel J, Schmidt F, Schweizer C, Mushumba H, Krause M, Püschel K, Rolvien T
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Characterization of hearing-impairment in Generalized Arterial Calcification of Infancy (GACI)
Theng E, Brewer C, Oheim R, Zalewski C, King K, Delsmann M, Rolvien T, Gafni R, Braddock D, Jeffrey Kim H, Ferreira C
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Impaired bone quality in the superolateral femoral neck occurs independent of hip geometry and bone mineral density
von Kroge S, Stürznickel J, Bechler U, Stockhausen K, Eissele J, Hubert J, Amling M, Beil F, Busse B, Rolvien T
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Can a simple iPad app improve C-arm based component position in anterior THA?
Bechler U, Springer B, Rueckl K, Rolvien T, Boettner F
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Implications of component size and calibration error on digital templating for total hip arthroplasty. A visual matrix from a simple mathematical model
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Relevant genetic variants are common in women with pregnancy and lactation-associated osteoporosis (PLO) and predispose to more severe clinical manifestations
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Allograft Chip Incorporation in Acetabular Reconstruction: Multiscale Characterization Revealing Osteoconductive Capacity
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Conductive hearing loss in the Hyp mouse model of X-linked hypophosphatemia is accompanied by hypomineralization of the auditory ossicles
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High prevalence and undertreatment of osteoporosis in elderly patients undergoing total hip arthroplasty
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Muskuloskelettale Labordiagnostik im Leistungssport
Delsmann M, Stürznickel J, Amling M, Ueblacker P, Rolvien T
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Pathogenic variants in GNPTAB and GNPTG encoding distinct subunits of GlcNAc-1-phosphotransferase differentially impact bone resorption in patients with mucolipidosis type II and III
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Costal Cartilage Calcification: Prevalence, Amount, and Structural Pattern in the General Population and Its Association with Age: A Cadaveric Study
Hawellek T, Beil F, Hischke S, Saul D, Hoffmann D, Kleiss S, Rolvien T, Ries C, Püschel K, Frosch S, Hubert J
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Piezo1 Inactivation in Chondrocytes Impairs Trabecular Bone Formation
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Restoration of the hip geometry after two-stage exchange with intermediate resection arthroplasty for periprosthetic joint infection
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Diagnostic yield of cone beam computed tomography for small foreign body detection in the hand in comparison with radiography, MSCT and MRI: an ex vivo study
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Genotype-Phenotype Associations in 72 Adults with Suspected ALPL-Associated Hypophosphatasia
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Bone mineral density assessment by DXA in rheumatic patients with end-stage osteoarthritis undergoing total joint arthroplasty
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Clinical and patient reported outcome in total ankle replacement compared to ankle fusion in end-stage haemophilic arthropathy
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Semi-automatic micro-CT segmentation of the midfoot using calibrated thresholds
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Clinical and Radiological Characterization of Patients with Immobilizing and Progressive Stress Fractures in Methotrexate Osteopathy
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Intraossäres Hibernom der Lendenwirbelsäule
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Anterior cruciate ligament intactness in osteoarthritic patients indicated for total knee arthroplasty: a systematic literature review and meta-analysis
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Clinical Phenotype and Relevance of LRP5 and LRP6 Variants in Patients With Early-Onset Osteoporosis (EOOP)
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Erschwerte Diagnosestellung eines Osteoidosteoms der Großzehe: Fallbericht mit Review der Literatur
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Whole-Exome Sequencing Identifies Novel Compound Heterozygous ZNF469 Mutations in Two Siblings with Mild Brittle Cornea Syndrome
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Outcome of Teriparatide Treatment on Fracture Healing Complications and Symptomatic Bone Marrow Edema in Four Adult Patients With Hypophosphatasia
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Early bone tissue aging in human auditory ossicles is accompanied by excessive hypermineralization, osteocyte death and micropetrosis
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Low physical performance determined by chair rising test muscle mechanography is associated with prevalent fragility fractures
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Ultra-high matrix mineralization of sperm whale auditory ossicles facilitates high sound pressure and high-frequency underwater hearing
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Knochenstoffwechsel im Alter
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