Maximilian Hartel
Priv.-Doz. Dr. med.
Maximilian Hartel
  • Senior physician
  • Medical Specialist in Orthopaedics and Traumatology
  • Special Trauma Surgery
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Main Building O10 , 2nd Floor
German (Mother tongue)

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Postoperative lymphedema after primary total hip arthroplasty: prospective analysis of bikini incision-type direct anterior approach versus established standard approaches
Banasiak S, Hartel M, Frosch K, Berger-Groch J
J ORTHOP SURG RES. 2024;19(1):54.

Enhancing Preoperative Planning in Tibial Plateau Fractures: A Comparative Study of 3D Printing's Impact on Surgical Decision-Making
Dust T, Henneberg J, Hartel M, Korthaus A, Ballhause T, Rehlingen-Prinz F, Streckenbach A, Keller J, Frosch K, Krause M
SCI REP-UK. 2024.

The infraacetabular screw versus the antegrade posterior column screw in acetabulum fractures with posterior column involvement: a biomechanical comparison
Hinz N, Baumeister D, Dehoust J, Münch M, Frosch K, Augat P, Hartel M
ARCH ORTHOP TRAUM SU. 2024 [Epub ahead of print].


Anterolateral versus modified posterolateral approach for tibial plateau fractures with involvement of the posterior column: a cadaveric study
Behrendt P, Berninger M, Thürig G, Dehoust J, Christensen J, Frosch K, Krause M, Hartel M
EUR J TRAUMA EMERG S. 2023;49(1):201-207.

Nanoscopy and an extended lateral approach can improve the management of latero-central segments in tibial plateau fractures: a cadaveric study
Behrendt P, Berninger M, Thürig G, Dehoust J, Christensen J, Frosch K, Krause M, Hartel M
EUR J TRAUMA EMERG S. 2023;49(3):1433-1439.

Comparison of different intraoperative reduction monitoring methods in a cadaveric intraarticular calcaneal fracture model: 3D scan vs arthroscopy vs nanoscopy
Dehoust J, Berninger M, Behrendt P, Thürig G, Christensen J, Hinz N, von Rehlingen-Prinz F, Frosch K, Hartel M
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A Register Analysis after Tibial Plateau Fracture in Statutory Accident Insurance
Dehoust J, Drenck T, Seide K, Kowald B, Mangelsdorf S, Hartel M, Hinz N, Frosch K
Z ORTHOP UNFALLCHIR. 2023;161(5):491-499.

The influence of 3D printing on inter- and intrarater reliability on the classification of tibial plateau fractures
Dust T, Hartel M, Henneberg J, Korthaus A, Ballhause T, Keller J, Ohlmeier M, Maas K, Frosch K, Krause M
EUR J TRAUMA EMERG S. 2023;49(1):189-199.

Full endoscopic anterior intrapelvic plate osteosynthesis: a cadaveric feasibility study
Hartel M, Althoff G, Wolter S, Ondruschka B, Dietz E, Frosch K, Thiesen D
ARCH ORTHOP TRAUM SU. 2023;143(1):365-371.

Epidemiology and socioeconomic consequences of work-related pelvic and acetabular fractures recorded in the German Social Accident Insurance
Hinz N, Dehoust J, Seide K, Kowald B, Mangelsdorf S, Frosch K, Hartel M
INJURY. 2023;54(8):110848.

Does the COVID-19 personal protective equipment impair the surgeon’s performance?
Kolb J, Hättich A, Strahl A, Rolvien T, Hennigs J, Barg A, Frosch K, Hartel M, Schlickewei C
ARCH ORTHOP TRAUM SU. 2023;143(4):1989-1997.

Conservative versus operative treatment of FFP II fractures in a geriatric cohort: a prospective randomized pilot trial
Thiesen D, Althoff G, Strahl A, Rolvien T, Frosch K, Koepke L, Arras C, Ballhause T, Dalos D, Hartel M
SCI REP-UK. 2023;13(1):.


The influence of bone quality on radiological outcome in 50 consecutive acetabular fractures treated with a pre-contoured anatomic suprapectineal plate
Hartel M, Naji T, Fensky F, Henes F, Thiesen D, Lehmann W, Frosch K, Ntalos D
ARCH ORTHOP TRAUM SU. 2022;142(7):1539-1546.

Biomechanical analysis of fixation methods in acetabular fractures: a systematic review of test setups
Hinz N, Dehoust J, Münch M, Seide K, Barth T, Schulz A, Frosch K, Hartel M
EUR J TRAUMA EMERG S. 2022;48(5):3541-3560.

Biomechanical in vitro analysis of a novel flexible implant for pubic symphysis disruption using an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber cord
Hinz N, Dehoust J, Schroeter J, Schulz A, Hartel M, Lutz C, Frosch K, Wendlandt R
CLIN BIOMECH. 2022;95:.

Neurogenic gluteus medius and minimus muscle atrophy with Trendelenburg's sign after a displaced acetabular fracture of the posterior column - A case report
Hinz N, Fuchs S, Frosch K, Hartel M
Trauma case reports. 2022;42:.

Stresses and deformations of an osteosynthesis plate in a lateral tibia plateau fracture
Münch M, Barth T, Studt A, Dehoust J, Seide K, Hartel M, Frosch K
BIOMED ENG-BIOMED TE. 2022;67(1):43-52.

A comparison between Asians and Caucasians in the dimensions of the femoral isthmus based on a 3D-CT analysis of 1189 adult femurs
Thiesen D, Ntalos D, Korthaus A, Petersik A, Frosch K, Hartel M
EUR J TRAUMA EMERG S. 2022;48(3):2379-2386.


Biomechanical analysis of anterior pelvic ring fractures with intact peripelvic soft tissues: a cadaveric study
Fensky F, Weiser L, Sellenschloh K, Vollmer M, Hartel M, Morlock M, Püschel K, Rueger J, Lehmann W
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Improved Visualization by Central Subluxation of the Lateral Meniscus in Comminuted Lateral Tibial Plateau Fractures
Guttowski D, Krause M, Püschel K, Kolb J, Hartel M, Frosch K
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Operative Zugangswege zum lateralen Tibiaplateau: Der anterolaterale Zugangsweg und seine Erweiterung
Korthaus A, Krause M, Kolb J, Müller S, Rehlingen-Prinz F, Hartel M, Frosch K
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Diagnostik und Klassifikation proximaler Femur- und Tibiafrakturen beim Erwachsenen
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Accuracy of navigated and conventional iliosacral screw placement in B- and C-type pelvic ring fractures
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Assessment of bone quality at the lumbar and sacral spine using CT scans: a retrospective feasibility study in 50 comparing CT and DXA data
Berger-Groch J, Thiesen D, Ntalos D, Hennes F, Hartel M
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Extended approach to the lateral tibial plateau with central meniscal subluxation in fracture repair: feasibility and first clinical and radiographic results
Korthaus A, Ballhause T, Kolb J, Krause M, Frosch K, Hartel M
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Konzept des direkten Zugangs bei lateraler Tibiaplateaufraktur mit schrittweiser Erweiterung nach Bedarf
Korthaus A, Krause M, Frings J, Thiesen D, Hartel M, Frosch K
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Clinical results after surgical treatment of posterolateral tibial plateau fractures ("apple bite fracture") in combination with ACL injuries
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Der besondere Fall: Seltenes Geburtstrauma Symphysendehiszenz
Reiter A, Frosch K, Hartel M
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Could There Be a Foreign Body in the Foot?
Thiesen D, Frosch K, Hartel M
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The three-dimensional bone mass distribution of the posterior pelvic ring and its key role in transsacral screw placement
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The intra- and interobserver reliability of the Tile AO, the Young and Burgess, and FFP classifications in pelvic trauma
Berger-Groch J, Thiesen D, Grossterlinden L, Schaewel J, Fensky F, Hartel M
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An All-Arthroscopic Technique for Complex Posterolateral Corner Reconstruction
Kolb J, Frings J, Krause M, Hartel M, Frosch K
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Implementation of a multidisciplinary infections conference affects the treatment plan in prosthetic joint infections of the hip:a retrospective study
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3D-Druck in der unfallchirurgischen Fort- und Weiterbildung: Möglichkeiten und Anwendungsbereiche
Weidert S, Andress S, Suero E, Becker C, Hartel M, Behle M, Willy C
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Determination of bone density in patients with sacral fractures via CT scan
Berger-Groch J, Thiesen D, Ntalos D, Grossterlinden L, Hesse E, Fensky F, Hartel M
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Growth of Cutibacterium acnes is common on osteosynthesis material of the shoulder in patients without signs of infection
Both A, Klatte T, Lübke A, Büttner H, Hartel M, Grossterlinden L, Rohde H
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Femoral antecurvation-A 3D CT Analysis of 1232 adult femurs
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Accuracy of Latarjet graft and screw position after using novel drill guide
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Isolated syndesmotic injuries in acute ankle sprains: diagnostic significance of clinical examination and MRI
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On-table decision-making in intracapsular hip fracture surgery: mid-term results of a pilot study
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Determination of Femoral Neck Angle and Torsion Angle Utilizing a Novel Three-Dimensional Modeling and Analytical Technology Based on CT Datasets
Hartel M, Petersik A, Schmidt A, Kendoff D, Nüchtern J, Rueger J, Lehmann W, Grossterlinden L
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Significance of clinical examination, CT and MRI scan in the diagnosis of posterior pelvic ring fractures
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Dynamic intraligamentary stabilization: novel technique for preserving the ruptured ACL
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Restoration of hip architecture with bipolar hemiarthroplasty in the elderly: does it affect early functional outcome?
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The influence of tibial morphology on the design of an anatomical tibial baseplate for TKA
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Primary prosthetic replacement in per- and intertrochanteric fractures
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Accuracy Analysis of a Novel Electromagnetic Navigation Procedure Versus a Standard Minimally Invasive Method for Arthroscopically Assisted Acromioclavicular Joint Reconstructions
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Frakturen des distalen Radius
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Frakturen des distalen Radius: Operationstechnik der winkelstabilen palmaren Platte bei Extensionsfraktur
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Foudroyant Course of an Extensive Clostridium septicum Gas Gangrene in a Diabetic Patient with Occult Carcinoma of the Colon.
Hartel M, Kutup A, Gehl A, Zustin J, Grossterlinden L, Rueger J, Lehmann W
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Electromagnetic navigation provides high accuracy for transcoracoid-transclavicular drilling
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Anterior crucial ligament rupture: self-healing through dynamic intraligamentary stabilization technique
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Accuracy analysis of a novel electromagnetic navigation procedure versus a standard fluoroscopic method for retrograde drilling of osteochondritis dissecans lesions of the knee.
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Optimising care in a Swiss University Emergency Department by implementing a multicentre trauma register (TARN): report on evaluation, costs and benefits of trauma registries.
Hartel M, Jordi N, Evangelopoulos D, Hasler R, Dopke K, Zimmermann H, Exadaktylos A
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Partial tetraplegic syndrome as a complication of a mobilizing/manipulating procedure of the cervical spine in a man with Forestier's disease: a case report.
Hartel M, Seidel U, Iselin L, Exadaktylos A, Benneker L
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High incidence of medication documentation errors in a Swiss university hospital due to the handwritten prescription process.
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Anterior knee pain after total knee arthroplasty: does it correlate with patellar blood flow?
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An intraoperatively moulded PMMA prostheses like spacer for two-stage revision of infected total knee arthroplasty
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The mean anatomical shape of the tibial plateau at the knee arthroplasty resection level: an investigation using MRI.
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An aluminium mold for intraoperative production of antibiotic-loaded PMMA knee prostheses.
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