Dr. med.
Matthias Bleeke
  • Medical specialist
  • Medical Specialist in Pediatrics and Youth Medicine, with focus on Childrens' Hematology and Oncology
  • Transfusionsbeauftragter
Working area


O47 , 1st Floor
German (Mother tongue)

Areas of expertise



Germ Cell Maintenance and Sustained Testosterone and Precursor Hormone Production in Human Prepubertal Testis Organ Culture with Tissues from Boys 7 Years+ under Conditions from Adult Testicular Tissue
Aden N, Bleeke M, Kordes U, Brunne B, Holstermann B, Biemann R, Ceglarek U, Soave A, Salzbrunn A, Schneider S, Kopylow K
CELLS-BASEL. 2023;12(3):.

Rapid MRI Assessment of Long-Axis Strain to Indicate Systolic Dysfunction in Patients With Sickle Cell Disease
Grützediek K, Fischer R, Kurio G, Böckelmann L, Bleeke M, Hagar R, Tahir E, Grosse R, Weyhmiller M, Adam G, Bannas P, Schoennagel B
J MAGN RESON IMAGING. 2023;58(5):1499-1506.


Ex vivo testis explant culture of human testicular tissue
Aden N, Soave A, Kordes U, Bleeke M, Salzbrunn A, von Kopylow K
J Reprodmed Endokrinol. 2021;2020(17 (Supplementum 1), 39-40):.

Multicentric dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans in a child with severe combined immunodeficiency due to adenosine deaminase deficiency
Wahjudi T, Kutzner H, Bleeke M, Hoeger P
PEDIATR DERMATOL. 2021;38(4):875-878.


Genome-wide analysis of acute leukemia and clonally related histiocytic sarcoma in a series of three pediatric patients
Bleeke M, Johann P, Gröbner S, Alten J, Cario G, Schäfer H, Klapper W, Khoury J, Pfister S, Müller I
PEDIATR BLOOD CANCER. 2020;67(2):e28074.

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