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Julia Hoppe
  • Senior physician
  • Medical Specialist in Neurology
  • Special Neurological Intensive Care
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Penumbral Rescue by normobaric O = O administration in patients with ischemic stroke and target mismatch proFile (PROOF): Study protocol of a phase IIb trial

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Ataxie, Chorea, Diabetes insipidus und diverse Antikörper, eine ungewöhnliche Manifestation einer Erdheim-Chester-Erkrankung
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tDCS over the motor cortex improves lexical retrieval of action words in poststroke aphasia
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Effect of general anaesthesia on functional outcome in patients with anterior circulation ischaemic stroke having endovascular thrombectomy versus standard care: a meta-analysis of individual patient data
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tDCS Over the Motor Cortex Shows Differential Effects on Action and Object Words in Associative Word Learning in Healthy Aging
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Therapie und Verlauf neurologischer Erkrankungen: Kapitel G1 Neurologische Intensivmedizin
Hoppe J, Kastrup O, Dimitriadis K, Pfister H

Therapie und Verlauf neurologischer Erkankungen: Kapitel K2 Seltene dysautonome Störungen
Hoppe J, Rosenkranz M

Oral supplementation with L-homoarginine in young volunteers
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Modulation of training by single-session transcranial direct current stimulation to the intact motor cortex enhances motor skill acquisition of the paretic hand.
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The involvement of the left motor cortex in learning of a novel action word lexicon.
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Distinct Temporospatial Interhemispheric Interactions in the Human Primary and Premotor Cortex during Movement Preparation.
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Dissociation of sustained attention from central executive functions: local activity and interregional connectivity in the theta range.
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No effects of enhanced central norepinephrine on finger-sequence learning and attention.
Plewnia C, Hoppe J, Gerloff C
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