Methods Meeting


In order to facilitate the exchange of knowledge in the institute a methods meeting takes occasionally place on Tuesday afternoons 3pm (if no external talks are scheduled, dates will be announced).
This methods meeting is an informal meeting that will function as a platform where ideas can be exchanged and questions asked. For some meetings there will be a specific topic, with one person from the institute leading the session with a presentation and a readiness to answer any question regarding this topic.
For other meetings there will be a number of (related) questions, all persons with those questions as well as anyone with the answers to these questions is invited to join. Topics can be broad from organizational to nitty gritty methods.

Venue: seminar room of the Institute of Systems Neuroscience W34, third floor

Start Time: Tuesday afternoon 3pm. (if no external talks are scheduled, dates will be announced).

Contact: Annika Garlichs (, Koen Frolichs (


30.08.2022Communicating Science II
3pmDr. Michaela Maya-Mrschtik
28.06.2022Communicating Science
3pmProf. Penny Lewis
23.06.2022 (!)Open Data
2:30pmTina Lonsdorf
10.05.2022Functional connectivity MRI analysis with SPM-based CONN toolbox
3pmFriederike Thams
12.04.2022Workflow for creating publication-ready figures
3pmRachel Sjouwerman
08.02.2022How to: Systematic Review/Meta-Analysis
3pmJan Ostrowski
01.02.2022Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS)
3pmUli Bromberg
26.10.2021SMS and fMRI
2:30 pmJürgen Finsterbusch
05.10.2021Grant possibilities for PhDs and PostDocs
3pmTobias Sommer, Christian Büchel
29.06.2021Preregistration for Neuroimaging
3pmHelena Hartmann
11.05.2021Statistics 2
3pmKarita Ojala
3pmJulius Krumbiegel
06.04.2021Strategies and concepts for the coding
3pmNoah Hipp
16.03.2021Open Science
3pmMana R. Ehlers
    04.12.2019Versatile Plotting Utility
     Jan Gläscher
    20.11.2019Spike analyzer tool
     Jan Gläscher
     Philipp Taesler
    23.10.2019Abandon Statistical Significance
     Benjamin Kuper-Smith
    09.10.2019Pupil models
     Christoph Korn
    04.09.2019(Conference) Posters
     Group Discussion
     Tina Lonsdorf, Manuel Kuhn
    12.06.2019Biometrics (in fMRI)
     Group Discussion
    29.05.2019UNIX Scripting Basics
     Gina Joue
    15.05.2019Grant Writing
     Christian Büchel