Cytogenetic Laboratory

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dierlamm
Dr. med. S. Janjetovic

Doris Seeger
Petra Behrmann
Bettina Keller


  • Cytogenetic analysis of bone marrow, peripheral blood cells, lymphoma cells
  • FISH Analysis
  • Molecular genetics

Bone marrow

  • 5 ml heparin-bone marrow aspirate (Li-Heparin, Vacutainer with green cap--Do Not Open--, inject bone marrow aspirate directly with hollow needle into the Vacutainer tube and mix well!!)
  • Important: Please include tissue pieces, preferably no blood from the marrow sinuses!


  • 5-10 ml peripheral Heparin-Blood (by CLL und Acute Leukemias) after consulting with us

Lymph nodes

  • Lymph nodes in NaCl 0,9% (after consulting with us)

Important: Tests can be ordered through SOARIAN under “Hämatologische Diagnostik” (hematology diagnostics). We ask that you always include diagnosis and specific question in the service request.

You can consult us anytime on extension -(9)52993!

Mailing address:

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Zentrum für Onkologie
II. Medizinische Klinik
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Martinistr. 52
20246 Hamburg

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