The University Center of Cardiovascular Science (UCCS)

The University Center of Cardiovascular Science (UCCS) Hamburg aims to translate science from epidemiological, genetic and molecular-experimental research into clinical application to improve cardiovascular health.

Cardiovascular diseases represent one of the most important causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide, developing slowly and in a complex interplay between inherited predisposition and ambient stressors. Innovative approaches to improve the pathophysiological understanding of the development and progression of cardiovascular disease promise to optimize individual risk assessment and pave the way for novel preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic strategies ultimately leading to (biomarker-guided) clinical trials. The UCCS integrates mechanistic research, clinical science, and translational work to decipher these causes and their interactions, applying state of the art methods.

Research at the UCCS is characterized by a comprehensive clinical/molecular translational character and a close interdisciplinary collaboration between clinician and medical scientists. In a joint approach and embedded within a strong clinically-oriented network of local, national and international researchers, we aim to explore the full clinical utility of emerging and established biomarkers and innovative decision-making approaches in various cardiovascular settings, utilizing both large-scale epidemiological as well as clinical datasets.