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The EUROFAMCARE project consists of several major parts. National Surveys (NASUR) and a Trans-European Survey Report (TEUSURE) operate on the micro-level of concrete experiences of family care. Data collection and analysis are done empirically.

National Background Reports (NABARE) and a Pan-European Background Report (PEUBARE) cover the macro-level of national and European policies and their implications. Data collection is predominantly done through secondary analyses.

Both the micro-level and the macro-level activities feed into a research action on the meso-level, i.e. the level of regional particularities, local interaction and interdependency between families and services, local authorities etc. (REACT). The study is complemented by a Socio-economic Evaluation (ECO) and a European Policy Analysis.


NASUR = National In-Depth Surveys in six core countries (Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Sweden and United Kingdom)

Target Group:


Instruments used in the national surveys (complete or in parts):

a) Assessing the needs and well-being of the dependent elderly:

b) Health and quality of life of the caregivers, characteristics and support needs of the caregivers:

c) Assessing current knowledge, usage, experience and acceptability of available support services by the caregivers, estimated through indicators assessing the following dimensions:

d) Assessing direct and indirect costs resulting from the elderly person's dependency and care:

e) Assessing characteristics and objectives of services:


Data analysis

Related Workpackages: WP1, WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5, WP6, WP7, WP8.

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TEUSURE = Trans-European Surveys Report

Related Workpackages: WP8.

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NABARE = National Background Report

Related Workpackages: WP10, WP11, WP13.

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PEUBARE = Pan-European Background Report

Related Workpackages: WP14.

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ECO = Socio-Economic Evaluation

Related Workpackages: WP9.

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Related Workpackages: WP12.

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REACT = Research Action

Related Workpackages: WP15, WP16.


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EUROFAMCARE was funded by European Union - Contract: QLK6-CT-2002-02647