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EUROFAMCARE - Publications

  1. The Pan-European Background Report - PEUBARE
  2. NABAREs - National Background Reports
  3. TEUSURE - Trans-European Survey Report
  4. NASURE - National Survey Reports
  5. Other Publications 2009
  6. Other Publications 2008
  7. Other Publications 2007
  8. Other Publications 2006
  9. Other Publications 2005
  10. Other Publications 2004
  11. Other Publications 2003

The Pan-European Background Report - PEUBARE

The Pan-European Background Report is released now (11th November 2005, LIT-Verlag)! It contains a condensed synopsis of all national Background Reports listed below.

The PDF file you can download here is only a manuscript draft and may differ from the final book publication! The final and revised version of the Pan-European Background Reports is the published book.

Last update: 26. May 2016


EUROFAMCARE was funded by European Union - Contract: QLK6-CT-2002-02647