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EUROFAMCARE Final Conference

The EUROFAMCARE Final Conference took place on the 17th and 18th November 2005 in Hamburg. On this page you can find all presentations held on the conference for downloading as Powerpoint-files (see programme below, click on the presentation title to start the download).

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Friday, 18th November 2005
9:15 Welcome addresses:
9:45 Introduction into EUROFAMCARE
Hanneli Döhner and Christopher Kofahl (Co-ordinator EUROFAMCARE, University of Hamburg)
10:00 Family care in Europe - Issues and challenges. Literature review
Mike Nolan (University of Sheffield)
10:25 Current state of family care in Europe and policy issues (National Background Reports, Pan-European Background Report, EU-Policy Report)
Judith Triantafillou (School of Public Health, Athens) and Jyostna Patel (AGE, Brussels)
11:00 Coffee Break
Posters (EUROFAMCARE and other projects: research and practice)
11:30 Six-countries study on family care for older people: Definition of family carers, sampling and characteristics of carers and cared-for
Birgitta Öberg (University of Linköping) and Piotr Czekanowski (Univsersity of Gdansk)
12:00 Needs for care - the impact on family carers' burden and well-being
Christopher Kofahl (University of Hamburg) and Kevin McKee (University of Sheffield)
12:30 Typology of care situations and motives for caring
Eva Mnich, Daniel Lüdecke (University of Hamburg) and Cristian Balducci (Italian National Research Centre on Ageing, Ancona)
13:00 Buffet Lunch, Gartensaal Erikahaus
14:00 Services for family carers: Characteristics, usage, and acceptability
Part 1 (Giovanni Lamura)
Part 2 (Beata Wojszel)
Part 3 (Barbro Krevers)
Giovanni Lamura (Italian National Research Centre on Ageing, Ancona), Barbro Krevers (University of Linköping) and Beata Wojszel (Medical Academy of Bialystok)
15:00 Short Break
Posters (EUROFAMCARE and other projects)
15:15 Financial effects of care-giving: employment, income loss and value of family care
Heinz Rothgang (University of Bremen), Giovanni Lamura (Italian National Research Centre on Ageing, Ancona), Sven Lennarth Johansson (Socialstyrensen, Stockholm)
15:45 Patterns of changes in care-giving situation over a year (Preliminary results!)
Barbara Bien (Medical Academy of Bialystok) and Heinz Rothgang (University of Bremen)
16:30 Coffee Break
Posters (EUROFAMCARE and other projects)
17:00 Round Table: Feed-back to the results of EUROFAMCARE and future perspectives for policy, practice and research

Chair: Clemens Tesch-Römer (German Centre of Gerontology, Berlin)

Members of the International Advisory Board, National Advisory Groups, NGOs and Social and Health Policy
17:45 End of the Conference

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EUROFAMCARE was funded by European Union - Contract: QLK6-CT-2002-02647