Network of the Research Unit SOMACROSS



European Research Network for Persistent Somatic Symptoms

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Logo TRR 289

Treatment Expectation / TRR 289

Collaborative Research Centre on the influence of expectations on treatment outcomes

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Logo KFO 306

KFO 306 - PSC
Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis

Clinical Research Unit on Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC)

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Encompassing Training in fUnctional Disorders across Europe

European Training Network on Functional Disorders

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Logo CRR 292

CRC 992
Medical Epigenetics

Collaborative Research Centre on translational epigenetic research

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Logo FOR 2690

PruSearch - FOR 2690

Research Unit on Translational Pruritus Research

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Logo SFB841

CRC 841
Liver inflammation

Collaborative Research Centre on liver inflammation: Infection, immunity regulation and consequences

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Logo SFB 1192

CRC 1192
Immune-Mediated Glomerular Diseases

Immune-Mediated Glomerular Diseases - Basic Concepts and Clinical Implications

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