Das neue europäische Rahmenprogramm für Forschung und Innovation" Horizon Europe " wird Anfang 2021 das alte „Horizon 2020“ ablösen und bis Ende des Jahres 2027 laufen. Ein Gesamtbudget von fast 100 Milliarden Euro ist für Horizon Europe im Gespräch. .

Lupe zum Vergrößern des Bildes

Struktur von Horizon Europe
  • Die ERC und Marie Sklodowska-Curie-Maßnahmen werden unter der ersten Säule „Excellent Science“ weitergeführt. Die ersten Ausschreibungen werden im Januar 2021 erwartet.

    Für weitere Informationen melden Sie sich gern bei Dr. Katharina Lötzer

  • Die ersten Ausschreibungen für den Cluster Health in Horizon Europe sind für das zweite Quartal 2021 geplant.

    Das Cluster 1 „Health“ enthält die folgenden “Areas of Intervention”:

    • Health throughout the Life Course
    • Environmental and Social Health Determinants
    • Non-Communicable and Rare Diseases
    • Infectious Diseases, including poverty-related and neglected diseases
    • Tools, Technologies and Digital Solutions for Health and Care, including personalised medicine
    • Health Care Systems

    Für weiterführende Informationen, melden Sie sich gerne bei Dr. Michela Tacca .

  • Unter Horizon Europe sind spezifische thematische „Missions“ in Planung, die Lösungen für einige der größten weltweiten Herausforderungen entwickeln sollen. Aktuell sind folgende Missions angedacht:

  • Partnerschaften bieten in Horizon Europe weitere Fördermöglichkeiten für transnationale Verbundforschung (wie z.B. ERA-Nets und IMI 2 bisher). Folgende Parterschaften sind aktuell für die Lebenswissenschaften vorgeschlagen:

    Innovative Health Initiative A partnership with the health related industries such as the pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, medical devices, imaging and biotech, to accelerate the development and uptake of safer health innovations, in areas of unmet public health needs.2021
    EU Africa Global Health Initiative Increase health security in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), and Europe, by accelerating the clinical development of effective, safe, accessible, suitable and affordable health technologies and health systems interventions for infectious diseases.2021
    European Partnership on Assessment of Risk of Chemicals A joint research and innovation programme to support the EU/national chemical risk assessment and management authorities by providing new evidence and methodologies and stimulate their uptake in regulatory processes.2022
    European Partnership on Transforming Health & Care Systems A partnership with health and care systems owners/organisers and research funders to boost research in policy, uptake and scale-up of innovations to accelerate transformation of national/regional health and care systems.2021/2022
    European Partnership on Personalised Medicine To align priority setting and funding for research projects in the area of personalised medicine between the EU Member States and regions, associated countries and international partner countries.2023
    European Partnership on Rare Diseases Improving the lives of rare diseases patients2024
    European Partnership on One Health AMR At the highest political levels antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is recognised as a major threat to the health of our citizens and our society. The EU One health action plan against AMR provides the framework within which action should be taken against this threat. However, the AMR research landscape is currently fragmented addressing human health, animal health, food safety and environment in silos. It is also fragmented across Member States. The proposed research partnership aims to bring together the many aspects of AMR to overcome this fragmentation, and integrate the various different research fields.2022
    European Partnership Fostering an ERA for Health In this partnership, public funders of health research in the European Research Area jointly identify and implement a common funding strategy in priority areas to advance health research and develop innovation for biomedical research and application in health and care.2022