Immuno-Oncology Symposium

Harnessing the power of the immune system to fight cancer has been the most important breakthrough in the current oncological era. However, understanding the complex regulatory networks and dynamic interactions between a multitude of immune cell populations in order to elicit a tumor-specific immune response is challenging. Interdisciplinary approaches and collaborative efforts are needed to synergize knowledge and expertise. Therefore, we would like to connect immunological and oncological expertise within the UKE and bring groups together at our first "UKE Immuno-Oncology Symposium 2019".

The goal of this internal UKE symposium is that pure immunological groups, who do not have an oncological focus, and oncological groups, who are currently building up immunological expertise, meet in order to present their focus of research, share technological expertise and start a dialogue.


  • Tumor-infiltrating immune cells (characterization, isolation, phenotype)
  • Immune exhaustion and tumor-induced immune anergy
  • Bioinformatics in immuno-oncology (RNAseq, WES/WGS, single cell seq, databases)
  • Rare cell detection and biomarkers (CTCs, cfDNA, EVs)
  • T cell exhaustion and immune checkpoints
  • Barcoding techniques, CAR T cells and heterogeneity
  • Learning from immune mechanisms in GI, neurodegenerative, stroke and kidney disease
  • and others ...

General Information


  • 12.06.2019, Wednesday
  • 9:00 - 15:30


  • UKE, Festive Hall (W26, "alte Pflegeschule")


  • Everybody who is interested in immunological and oncological research


  • Free of charge


  • For a better planning of the size we would appreciate that every participant registers in advance.

For a better planning of the size we would appreciate that every participant registers in advance.

Registration & Abstract Submission

We would appreciate it, if you would register for the symposium, even if you do not wish to present a project so the event can be adequately sized.

However, if you wish to present your project with a short talk or poster and extend your network within the UKE, please mail us an unstructured abstract of around 200-300 words in advance to the following e-mail address:

We are looking forward to your abstract!

Deadline: 12.05.2019

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