AG Pula

Abnormal platelet signalling in cardiovascular and neurovascular disease

In addition to their involvement in the response of the human body to injury, platelets participate in pathophysiological processes underlying important and unresolved human diseases, including thrombosis, inflammation and cancer. My laboratory focuses on the molecular mechanisms underlying platelet hyperactivity, which is associated with thrombotic diseases. We have highlighted the correlation between oxidative stress and platelet hyperactivity and described how the pharmacological control of oxidative stress normalises platelet responses. In addition to developing novel techniques for the analysis of oxidative stress in platelets, we have generated novel pharmacological tools for the control of oxidative stress and the regulation of platelet responses. Additional projects in my laboratory focus on unexplored roles of platelets in vascular inflammation, neurovascular degeneration and cancer progression.


Campus Forschung N27 , 2. Etage, Raumnummer 02.088