Large Equipment

Apart from all the equipment used for therapeutics and diagnostics, the UKE harbours a divers group of large equipment fro research purposes. Some examples are displayed on this side.


In building W14 different imaging devices, based on different imaging techniques and methods are found:

  • 7 Tesla powered MRT BioSpin for magnetic resonance tomography / imaging
  • Allura FD20 X-ray system
  • Magnetic Particle Imager (MPI) as an angiographic tomograph

An especiallly high number of large equipment is located at Campus Forschung. Some examples are listed below:

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)-Instruments:

  • Thermo Fischer Scientific „UltiMate3000“
  • Agilent Technologies „G2226A“

Mass spectrometer:

  • Thermo Fischer Scientific ”TSQ Vantage“
  • Thermo Fischer Scientific “Orbitrap Fusion”
  • Thermo Fischer Scientific “Q Exactive”
  • Aglient Technologies “G6430A”
  • Aglient Technologies “ LC/MSD Tam XCT Ultra“

Flow cytometer:

  • BD „FACSAria“
  • BD „FACSAria Fusion“
  • Partec „CyFlow Space“
  • BD „FACSCalibur“
  • BD „FACSCanto“
  • BD „FACSCanto II“
  • BD „LSR Fortessa“


  • Leica „TCS SP2“
  • Leica „TCS SP5“
  • Zeiss „Improvision LiveCell Spinning Disk“
  • Zeiss „ApoTome“
  • Olympus „cell^tool TIRFM System”
  • LaVision „Biotec TriM Scope 1”

... and many more!

A great variety of large equipment is also available for all researchers through the UKE Core Facilities:

Overview - all UKE Core Facilities

FACS Sorting Core Unit

UKE Microscopy Imaging Facility

Core Facility Mass Spectrometric Proteomics

Procurement of Equipment

When planning to acquire a new medical or research instrument, please use the forms (Investantrag Klasse 1-3) provided by the organizational unit Finances .

  • Invest application class 1: bis 10.000 Euro
  • Invest application class 2: 10.000 - 200.000 Euro
  • Invest application class 3 in combination with a DFG-application: > 200.000 Euro

You can find all corresponding forms in the UKE-Intranet: QM-Handbuch UKE (German only: 6. Ressourcen, 6.02 Geräte, 6.02.02 Antrag und Beschaffungsverfahren für ärztliche und medizinische Geräte).

QM - Qualitymanual (intranet only)

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