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GPs’ views on the use of depression screening and GP-targeted feedback: a qualitative study
Braunschneider L, Lehmann M, Magaard J, Seeralan T, Marx G, Eisele M, Scherer M, Löwe B, Kohlmann S

Depression treatment in Germany - using claims data to compare a collaborative mental health care program to the general practitioner program and usual care in terms of guideline adherence and need-oriented access to psychotherapy
Engels A, König H, Magaard J, Härter M, Hawighorst-Knapstein S, Chaudhuri A, Brettschneider C
BMC PSYCHIATRY. 2020;20(1):591.

How does the integration of collaborative care elements in a gatekeeping system affect the costs for mental health care in Germany?
Engels A, Reber K, Magaard J, Härter M, Hawighorst-Knapstein S, Chaudhuri A, Brettschneider C, König H
EUR J HEALTH ECON. 2020;21(5):751-761.

PNP-Vertrag – Facharztvertrag Psychotherapie, Neurologie, Psychiatrie in Baden-Württemberg: Evaluation aus der Sicht der teilnehmenden Behandlerinnen und Behandler
Magaard J, Seeralan T, Meister R, Liebherz S, Engels A, König H, Chaudhuri A, Härter M
PSYCHIAT PRAX. 2020;47(2):71-78.

Patient involvement in developing a patient-targeted feedback intervention after depression screening in primary care within the randomized controlled trial GET.FEEDBACK.GP
Seeralan T, Härter M, Koschnitzke C, Scholl M, Kohlmann S, Lehmann M, Eisele M, Braunschneider L, Marx G, Scherer M, Löwe B, Magaard J, Brütt A


Depressionsbehandlung aus Betroffenensicht – Eine qualitative Analyse der subjektiven Behandlungsvorstellungen über Psychotherapie und hausärztliche Versorgung von Menschen mit Depressionen
Magaard J, Seeralan T, De A, Schulz H, Brütt A
PSYCHIAT PRAX. 2019;46(5):268-273.


Collaborative mental health care program versus a general practitioner program and usual care for treatment of patients with mental or neurological disorders in Germany: protocol of a multiperspective evaluation study
Magaard J, Liebherz S, Melchior H, Engels A, König H, Kriston L, Schulz H, Jahed J, Brütt A, Reber K, Härter M
BMC PSYCHIATRY. 2018;18(1):347.

Illness beliefs about depression among patients seeking depression care and patients seeking cardiac care: an exploratory analysis using a mixed method design
Magaard J, Löwe B, Brütt A, Kohlmann S
BMC PSYCHIATRY. 2018;18:366.


Mitforschen, aber wie? Entwicklung und Evaluation eines Forschungstrainings für Psychiatrieerfahrene
Brütt A, Bernges T, Magaard J, Sielaff G
PSYCHIAT PRAX. 2017;44(2):99-104.

What Do Patients Think about the Cause of Their Mental Disorder? A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Causal Beliefs of Mental Disorder in Inpatients in Psychosomatic Rehabilitation
Magaard J, Schulz H, Brütt A
PLOS ONE. 2017;12(1):e0169387.

Factors associated with help-seeking behaviour among individuals with major depression: A systematic review
Magaard J, Seeralan T, Schulz H, Brütt A
PLOS ONE. 2017;12(5):e0176730.


A qualitative investigation of barriers and facilitators of rehabilitation success from the psychosomatic inpatients' perspective
Brütt A, Magaard J, Andreas S, Schulz H
PATIENT PREFER ADHER. 2016;10:1881-1888.

Behandlungskonzepte auf Basis individueller Risiken
Brütt A, Magaard J, Niedrich J, Schulz H
2016. Bedarfsorientierung und Flexibilisierung in der Rehabilitaion. Deck R, Glaser-Möller N (eds.). 1. ed. Jacobs-Verlag, 83-92.

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