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Recent advances in Circulating Nucleic Acids in oncology
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Diagnosis, monitoring and prevention of exposure-related non-communicable diseases in the living and working environment DiMoPEx-project is designed to determine the impacts of environmental exposure on human health
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An inside view on liquid biopsies
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Novel Technology for Enrichment of Biomolecules from Cell-Free Body Fluids and Subsequent DNA Sizing
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Differential regulation of MAGE-A1 promoter activity by BORIS and Sp1, both interacting with the TATA binding protein
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Expression Regulation of the Metastasis-Promoting Protein InsP3-Kinase-A in Tumor Cells.
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Deregulated serum concentrations of circulating cell-free microRNAs miR-17, miR-34a, miR-155, and miR-373 in human breast cancer development and progression
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Loss of Heterozygosity
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Circulating tumor cells and circulating tumor DNA.
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LOH at 6q and 10q in fractionated circulating DNA of ovarian cancer patients is predictive for tumor cell spread and overall survival.
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Monitoring of loss of heterozygosity in serum microsatellite DNA among patients with gastrointestinal stromal tumors indicates tumor recurrence.
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Apoptosis-related deregulation of proteolytic activities and high serum levels of circulating nucleosomes and DNA in blood correlate with breast cancer progression.
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Circulating microRNAs: promising breast cancer biomarkers - author´s response
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Impact of physical activity and doping on epigenetic gene regulation.
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