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Daniel Schetelig
  • PhD student natural science
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High-Resolution Calcium Imaging Method for Local Calcium Signaling
Diercks B, Werner R, Schetelig D, Wolf I, Guse A
2019. Calcium-Binding Proteins of the EF-Hand Superfamily. 1. ed. Humana Press, 27-39.


ORAI1, STIM1/2, and RYR1 shape subsecond Ca2+ microdomains upon T cell activation.
Diercks B, Werner R, Weidemüller P, Czarniak F, Hernandez L, Lehmann C, Rosche A, Krüger A, Kaufmann U, Vaeth M, Failla A, Zobiak B, Kandil F, Schetelig D, Ruthenbeck A, Meier C, Lodygin D, Flügel A, Ren D, Wolf I, Feske S, Guse A
SCI SIGNAL. 2018; 11(561):eaat0358.

A new cerebral vessel benchmark dataset (CAPUT) for validation of image-based aneurysm deformation estimation algorithms
Schetelig D, Frölich A, Knopp T, Werner R
SCI REP-UK. 2018;8(1):15999.

Analysis of the influence of imaging-related uncertainties on cerebral aneurysm deformation quantification using a no-deformation physical flow phantom
Schetelig D, Sedlacik J, Fiehler J, Frölich A, Knopp T, Sothmann T, Waschkewitz J, Werner R
SCI REP-UK. 2018;8(1):11004.


Systematic Analysis of Jurkat T-Cell Deformation in Fluorescence Microscopy Data
Antoni S, Ismail O, Schetelig D, Diercks B, Werner R, Wolf I, Guse A, Schlaefer A
2017. Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2017. Maier-Hain K, Deserno T, Handels H, Thomas T (eds.). 1. ed. Springer, 275-280.

Defining Restrictions and Limits of Registration-Based Quantification of Geometric Deformation in Cerebral Blood Vessels
Schetelig D, Sedlacik J, Schmidt F, Fiehler J, Werner R
2017. Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2017. Maier-Hain K, Deserno T, Handels H, Tolxdorff T (eds.). 1. ed. Springer, 191-196.

Low Rank and Sparse Matrix Decomposition as Stroke Segmentation Prior: Useful or Not? A Random Forest-Based Evaluation Study
Werner R, Schetelig D, Sothmann T, Mücke E, Wilms M, Cheng B, Forkert N
2017. Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2017. Maier-Hein K, Deserno T, Handels H, Tolxdorff T (eds.). 1. ed. Springer, 161-166.


Phantom-based ground-truth generation for cerebral vessel segmentation and pulsatile deformation analysis
Schetelig D, Säring D, Illies T, Sedlacik J, Kording F, Werner R
2016. Medical Imaging 2016: Image-Guided Procedures, Robotic Interventions, and Modeling. Webster, III R, Yaniv Z (eds.). 1. ed. SPIE , 978622-1-6.


A Modular Framework for Post-Processing and Analysis of Fluorescence Microscopy Image Sequences of Subcellular Calcium Dynamics
Schetelig D, Wolf I, Diercks B, Fliegert R, Guse A, Schlaefer A, Werner R
2015. Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2015. Handels H, Deserno T, Meinzer H, Tolxdorff T (eds.). 1. ed. Berlin Heidelberg: Springer, 401-406.

Frontrunners of T cell activation: Initial, localized Ca2+ signals mediated by NAADP and the type 1 ryanodine receptor
Wolf I, Diercks B, Gattkowski E, Czarniak F, Kempski J, Werner R, Schetelig D, Mittrücker H, Schumacher V, von Osten M, Lodygin D, Flügel A, Fliegert R, Guse A
SCI SIGNAL. 2015;8(398):Art. ra102.

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