André Strahl
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André Strahl
M. Sc.
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Hip abductor tendon pathology visualized by 1.5 versus 3. 0 Tesla MRIs
Oehler N, Ruby J, Strahl A, Maas R, Rüther W, Niemeier A
ARCH ORTHOP TRAUM SU. 2020;140(2):145-153.

A System to Determine Risk of Osteoporosis in Patients With Autoimmune Hepatitis
Schmidt T, Schmidt C, Strahl A, Mussawy H, Rolvien T, Jandl N, Casar C, Oheim R, Schinke T, Lohse A, Amling M, Schramm C, Barvencik F
CLIN GASTROENTEROL H. 2020;18(1):226-233.e3.


The impact of physical activity on serum levels of inflammatory markers in rheumatoid arthritis: A systematic literature review
Burghardt R, Kazim M, Rüther W, Niemeier A, Strahl A
RHEUMATOL INT. 2019;39(5):793-804.

Forefoot Reconstruction Following Metatarsal Head Resection Arthroplasty With a Plantar Approach-A 20-Year Follow-Up
Simon M, Strahl A, Mussawy H, Rolvien T, Schumacher R, Seller M, Rüther W
FOOT ANKLE INT. 2019;40(7):769-777.

An instrument for quality assurance in work capacity evaluation: Development, evaluation, and inter-rater reliability
Strahl A, Gerlich C, Alpers G, Gehrke J, Müller-Garnn A, Vogel H
BMC HEALTH SERV RES. 2019;19(1):556.


Treatment failures and complications in patients with Blount disease treated with temporary hemiepiphysiodesis: a critical systematic literature review
Burghardt R, Herzenberg J, Andre Strahl , Bernius P, Kazim M
J PEDIATR ORTHOP B. 2018;27(6):522-529.

Development and evaluation of a standardized peer-training in the context of peer review for quality assurance in work capacity evaluation
Strahl A, Gerlich C, Alpers G, Ehrmann K, Gehrke J, Müller-Garnn A, Vogel H
BMC MED EDUC. 2018;18(1):135.

Prävalenz, Komorbidität und interdisziplinäre Versorgung der Rheumatoiden Arthritis – Versicherungsdaten zur ambulanten und stationären Versorgung in Baden-Württemberg
Strahl A, Schneider O, Frankenhauser-Mannuß J, Knapstein S, Hermann C, Lembeck B, Lorenz H, Rüther W, Flechtenmacher J
Z RHEUMATOL. 2018;77(2):113-126.

Safety and Efficacy of Single-Stage versus 2-Stage Spinal Fusion via Posterior Instrumentation and Anterior Thoracoscopy: A Retrospective Matched-Pair Cohort Study with 247 Consecutive Patients
Viezens L, Reer P, Strahl A, Weiser L, Schroeder M, Beyerlein J, Schaefer C
WORLD NEUROSURG. 2018;109:e739-e747.


Symptomatic Os Vesalianum - A Case Report and Review of the Literature
Beil F, Burghardt R, Strahl A, Ruether W, Niemeier A
J AM PODIAT MED ASSN. 2017;107(2):162-165.

Symptoms of depression and anxiety as predictors of physical functioning in breast cancer patients. A prospective study using path analysis
Faller H, Strahl A, Richard M, Niehues C, Meng K
ACTA ONCOL. 2017;56(12):1677-1681.

The prospective relationship between satisfaction with information and symptoms of depression and anxiety in breast cancer: A structural equation modeling analysis
Faller H, Strahl A, Richard M, Niehues C, Meng K
PSYCHO-ONCOLOGY. 2017;26(11):1741-1748.


Qualitätssicherung in der Sozialmedizinischen Begutachtung durch Peer Review - ein Pilotprojekt der Deutschen Rentenversicherung
Strahl A, Gerlich C, Wolf H, Gehrke J, Müller-Garnn A, Vogel H
GESUNDHEITSWESEN. 2016;78(3):156-60.


Ambulante Rehabilitation in Deutschland. Eine Zwischenbilanz und Perspektiven der Weiterentwicklung
Morfeld M, Strahl A, Koch U

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