Norwin Kubick
M. Sc.
  • Research assistant
Working area


N41 , Ground Floor, Room number 4
German (Mother tongue)



Drugs Modulating CD4+ T Cells Blood-Brain Barrier Interaction in Alzheimer's Disease
Kubick N, Flournoy P, Enciu A, Manda G, Mickael M
Pharmaceutics. 2020;12(9):.

What has single-cell RNA sequencing revealed about microglial neuroimmunology?
Kubick N, Henckell Flournoy P, Klimovich P, Manda G, Mickael M
Immunity, inflammation and disease. 2020;8(4):825-839.

Repurposing Zileuton as a Depression Drug Using an AI and In Vitro Approach
Kubick N, Pajares M, Enache I, Manda G, Mickael M
MOLECULES. 2020;25(9):.


Molecular Evolution and Functional Divergence of the IgLON Family
Kubick N, Brösamle D, Mickael M
EVOL BIOINFORM. 2018;14:1176934318775081.

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