Regine Grosse
Regine Grosse
  • Medical Specialist in Pediatrics and Youth Medicine
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Investigating the suitability of high-resolution mass spectrometry for newborn screening: identification of hemoglobinopathies and β-thalassemias in dried blood spots
Wiesinger T, Mechtler T, Schwarz M, Xie X, Grosse R, Nieves Cobos P, Kasper D, Lukacs Z
CLIN CHEM LAB MED. 2020;58(5):810-816.


Pancreatic iron and fat, early indicators of impaired glucose metabolism?
Grosse R, Berliner C, Hainmann I, Weyhmiller M, Fung E, Schönnagel B, Yamamura J, Nielsen P, Fischer R


Building a National Framework for Adolescent and Young Adult Hematology and Oncology and Transition from Pediatric to Adult Care: Report of the Inaugural Meeting of the "AjET" Working Group of the German Society for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology
Escherich G, Bielack S, Maier S, Braungart R, Brümmendorf T, Freund M, Grosse R, Hoferer A, Kampschulte R, Koch B, Lauten M, Milani V, Ross H, Schilling F, Wöhrle D, Cario H, Dirksen U
J ADOLESC YOUNG ADUL . 2017;6(2):194-199.

The epidemiology of sickle cell disease in Germany following recent large-scale immigration
Kunz J, Cario H, Grosse R, Jarisch A, Lobitz S, Kulozik A

Left atrial active contractile function parameters assessed by cardiac MR are sensitive to myocardial iron
Wehbe M, Yamamura J, Fischer R, Grosse R, Berliner C, Graessner J, Lund G, Adam G, Schoennagel B
J MAGN RESON IMAGING. 2017;45(2):535-541.


Analysis of a cohort of 101 CDAII patients: description of 24 new molecular variants and genotype-phenotype correlations
Bianchi P, Schwarz K, Högel J, Fermo E, Vercellati C, Grosse R, van Wijk R, van Zwieten R, Barcellini W, Zanella A, Heimpel H
BRIT J HAEMATOL. 2016;175(4):696-704.

The Prevalence of Sickle Cell Disease and Its Implication for Newborn Screening in Germany (Hamburg Metropolitan Area)
Grosse R, Lukacs Z, Cobos P, Oyen F, Ehmen C, Muntau B, Timmann C, Noack B
PEDIATR BLOOD CANCER. 2016;63(1):168-70.

Peak Filling Rates Assessed by CMR Imaging Indicate Diastolic Dysfunction From Myocardial Iron Toxicity
Schoennagel B, Fischer R, Grosse R, Berliner C, Wehbe M, Kurio G, Lund G, Wang Z, Graessner J, Adam G, Yamamura J
JACC-CARDIOVASC IMAG. 2016;9(11):1353-1354.


Bestimmung des hypophysären Eisengehaltes mittels Multi-Echo-MRT-R2 Messungen
Berliner C, Brehmer M, Fischer R, Grosse R, Karul M, Keller S, Schönnagel B, Wang J, Adam G, Yamamura J
ROFO-FORTSCHR RONTG. 2015;187(S 01):WISS105_1.

Pancreatic iron and fat assessment by MRI-R2* in patients with iron overload diseases
Pfeifer C, Schoennagel B, Grosse R, Wang Z, Graessner J, Nielsen P, Adam G, Fischer R, Yamamura J


Brain iron quantification by MRI in mitochondrial membrane protein-associated neurodegeneration under iron-chelating therapy
Löbel U, Schweser F, Nickel M, Deistung A, Grosse R, Hagel C, Fiehler J, Schulz A, Hartig M, Reichenbach J, Kohlschütter A, Sedlacik J
Ann Clin Transl Neurol. 2014;1(12):1041-6.

Mechanisms of plasma non-transferrin bound iron generation: insights from comparing transfused diamond blackfan anaemia with sickle cell and thalassaemia patients
Porter J, Walter P, Neumayr L, Evans P, Bansal S, Garbowski M, Weyhmiller M, Harmatz P, Wood J, Miller J, Byrnes C, Weiss G, Seifert M, Grosse R, Grabowski D, Schmidt A, Fischer R, Nielsen P, Niemeyer C, Vichinsky E
BRIT J HAEMATOL. 2014;167(5):692-6.


Administration of recombinant erythropoietin alone does not improve the phenotype in iron refractory iron deficiency anemia patients.
Lehmberg K, Grosse R, Muckenthaler M, Altamura S, Nielsen P, Schmid H, Graubner U, Oyen F, Zeller W, Schneppenheim R, Janka-Schaub G
ANN HEMATOL. 2013;92(3):387-394.

Eisenquantifizierung mittels MRT bei Eisenüberladung
Schönnagel B, Fischer R, Nielsen P, Grosse R, Adam G, Yamamura J
ROFO-FORTSCHR RONTG. 2013;185(7):621-7.


Pancreatic exocrine function and cardiac iron in patients with iron overload and with thalassemia.
Yamamura J, Grosse R, Jarisch A, Janka-Schaub G, Nielsen P, Adam G, Fischer R
PEDIATR BLOOD CANCER. 2011;57(4):674-676.


[Guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of secondary iron overload in patients with congenital anemia].
Cario H, Grosse R, Janssen G, Jarisch A, Meerpohl J, Strauss G
KLIN PADIATR. 2010;222(6):399-406.

S2-Leitlinie zur Diagnostik und Therapie der sekundären Eisenüberladung bei Patienten mit angeborenen Anämien
Cario H, Grosse R, Janssen G, Jarisch A, Meerpohl J, Strauss G
KLIN PADIATR. 2010;222(6):399-406.

Distribution of cardiac iron measured by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-R*2.
Yamamura J, Grosse R, Graessner J, Janka-Schaub G, Adam G, Fischer R
J MAGN RESON IMAGING. 2010;32(5):1104-1109.


Emergence of linezolid resistance in a methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus strain.
Hentschke M, Saager B, Horstkotte M, Scherpe S, Wolters M, Kabisch H, Grosse R, Heisig P, Aepfelbacher M, Rohde H
INFECTION. 2008;36(1):85-87.

Erythrocytapheresis: Erythrocytapheresis:
Ullrich H, Fischer R, Grosse R, Kordes U, Schubert C, Altstadt B, Andreu G
TRANSFUS MED HEMOTH. 2008;35(1):24-30.

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