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Impact of media entertainment on patient perceived burdens during dental treatment for fixed dental prostheses
Philipps T, Lamprecht R, Reissmann D
J DENT. 2023;131:104453.

Development of a one-item version of the Orofacial Esthetic Scale
Bela Andela S, Lamprecht R, John M, Pattanaik S, Reissmann D
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Cross-sectional study on the association of periodontitis with arterial hypertension in the Hamburg City Health Study
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Association between periodontitis and metabolic syndrome in the Hamburg City Health Study
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Cross-sectional analysis of the association of periodontitis with carotid intima media thickness and atherosclerotic plaque in the Hamburg City health study
Lamprecht R, Rimmele D, Schnabel R, Heydecke G, Seedorf U, Walther C, Mayer C, Struppek J, Borof K, Behrendt C, Cheng B, Gerloff C, Debus S, Smeets R, Beikler T, Blankenberg S, Zeller T, Karakas M, Thomalla G, Aarabi G
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The Association of Periodontitis and Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease in a Prospective Population-Based Cross-Sectional Cohort Study
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Periodontitis, dental plaque, and atrial fibrillation in the Hamburg City Health Study
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Benefits of combined quantitative and qualitative evaluation of learning experience in a gerodontology course for dental students
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Patients' criteria for choosing a dentist: comparison between a university-based setting and private dental practices
Lamprecht R, Struppek J, Heydecke G, Reissmann D
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Oral health-related quality of life in subjects with implant-supported prostheses. A systematic review
Reissmann D, Dard M, Lamprecht R, Struppek J, Heydecke G
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Zahn- und Mundgesundheit im Alter
Reißmann D, Lamprecht R
2017. Zahn- und Mundgesundheit im Alter. von Renteln-Kruse W, Kuhlmey A (eds.). 1. ed. De Gruyter, 1-122.

Mundgesundheit im Fokus der Allgemeingesundheit
Reißmann D, Lamprecht R, Struppek J, Aarabi G, Seedorf U
Hamb Ärztebl. 2016;70(5):12-15.

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