Panagiotis Karagiannis
Dr. med.
Panagiotis Karagiannis
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  • Medical Specialist in Internal Medicine and Hematology and Oncology
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Anti-cancer pro-inflammatory effects of an IgE antibody targeting the melanoma-associated antigen chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan 4
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Standardized supportive care documentation improves safety of high-dose methotrexate treatment
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Treatment of refractory acute myeloid leukaemia during pregnancy with venetoclax, high-dose cytarabine and mitoxantrone
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In vivo trafficking of a tumor-targeting IgE antibody: molecular imaging demonstrates rapid hepatobiliary clearance compared to IgG counterpart
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Multi-dimensional and longitudinal systems profiling reveals predictive pattern of severe COVID-19
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Schwere sekundär sklerosierende Cholangitis als Manifestation einer sehr seltenen Grunderkrankung
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Challenges in treatment of patients with acute leukemia and COVID-19: a series of 12 patients
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Intensive Care Outcomes of Patients after High Dose Chemotherapy and Subsequent Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation: A Retrospective, Single Centre Analysis
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Myosin II Reactivation and Cytoskeletal Remodeling as a Hallmark and a Vulnerability in Melanoma Therapy Resistance
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Regional Activation of Myosin II in Cancer Cells Drives Tumor Progression via a Secretory Cross-Talk with the Immune Microenvironment
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Evaluation of Antigen-Conjugated Fluorescent Beads to Identify Antigen-Specific B Cells
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An immunologically relevant rodent model demonstrates safety of therapy using a tumour-specific IgE
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Functionally Active Fc Mutant Antibodies Recognizing Cancer Antigens Generated Rapidly at High Yields
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AllergoOncology - the impact of allergy in oncology: EAACI position paper
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Anti-folate receptor-α IgE but not IgG recruits macrophages to attack tumors via TNF-α/MCP-1 signaling
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IgG subclass switching and clonal expansion in cutaneous melanoma and normal skin
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TGF-β-Induced Transcription Sustains Amoeboid Melanoma Migration and Dissemination
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[18F]FE@SUPPY: a suitable PET tracer for the adenosine A3 receptor? An in vivo study in rodents
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Three Huntington's Disease Specific Mutation-Carrying Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines Have Stable Number of CAG Repeats upon In Vitro Differentiation into Cardiomyocytes
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Alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma confined to the bone marrow with no identifiable primary tumour using FDG-PET/CT
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Elevated IgG4 in patient circulation is associated with the risk of disease progression in melanoma
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A tool kit for rapid cloning and expression of recombinant antibodies
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Effects of BRAF mutations and BRAF inhibition on immune responses to melanoma
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Evaluating biomarkers in melanoma
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Diverse matrix metalloproteinase functions regulate cancer amoeboid migration
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3D In vitro model of a functional epidermal permeability barrier from human embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells
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Comparative reactivity of human IgE to cynomolgus monkey and human effector cells and effects on IgE effector cell potency
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IgG4 subclass antibodies impair antitumor immunity in melanoma
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Immunoglobulin E and Allergy: Antibodies in Immune Inflammation and Treatment
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Resident CD141 (BDCA3)+ dendritic cells in human skin produce IL-10 and induce regulatory T cells that suppress skin inflammation
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Recombinant IgE antibodies for passive immunotherapy of solid tumours: from concept towards clinical application
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Toward prediction of immune mechanisms and design of immunotherapies in melanoma
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Monitoring the systemic human memory B cell compartment of melanoma patients for anti-tumor IgG antibodies
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Antacids and dietary supplements with an influence on the gastric pH increase the risk for food sensitization
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Aluminium per se and in the anti-acid drug sucralfate promotes sensitization via the oral route
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Characterisation of an engineered trastuzumab IgE antibody and effector cell mechanisms targeting HER2/neu-positive tumour cells
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The impact of aluminium in acid-suppressing drugs on the immune response of BALB/c mice
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