Alexander Engels
Alexander Engels
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Rationale and design of an interventional study of cross-sectoral, coordinated treatment of stroke patients with patient-orientated outcome measurement (StroCare)
Rimmele D, Schrage T, Brettschneider C, Engels A, Gerloff C, Härter M, Rosenkranz M, Schmidt H, Kriston L, Thomalla G
Neurol Res Pract. 2021;3(1):7.


Depression treatment in Germany - using claims data to compare a collaborative mental health care program to the general practitioner program and usual care in terms of guideline adherence and need-oriented access to psychotherapy
Engels A, König H, Magaard J, Härter M, Hawighorst-Knapstein S, Chaudhuri A, Brettschneider C
BMC PSYCHIATRY. 2020;20(1):591.

Osteoporotic hip fracture prediction from risk factors available in administrative claims data - A machine learning approach
Engels A, Reber K, Lindlbauer I, Rapp K, Büchele G, Klenk J, Meid A, Becker C, König H
PLOS ONE. 2020;15(5):e0232969.

How does the integration of collaborative care elements in a gatekeeping system affect the costs for mental health care in Germany?
Engels A, Reber K, Magaard J, Härter M, Hawighorst-Knapstein S, Chaudhuri A, Brettschneider C, König H
EUR J HEALTH ECON. 2020;21(5):751-761.

PNP-Vertrag – Facharztvertrag Psychotherapie, Neurologie, Psychiatrie in Baden-Württemberg: Evaluation aus der Sicht der teilnehmenden Behandlerinnen und Behandler
Magaard J, Seeralan T, Meister R, Liebherz S, Engels A, König H, Chaudhuri A, Härter M
PSYCHIAT PRAX. 2020;47(2):71-78.


Collaborative mental health care program versus a general practitioner program and usual care for treatment of patients with mental or neurological disorders in Germany: protocol of a multiperspective evaluation study
Magaard J, Liebherz S, Melchior H, Engels A, König H, Kriston L, Schulz H, Jahed J, Brütt A, Reber K, Härter M
BMC PSYCHIATRY. 2018;18(1):347.

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