Third party-funded projects

Further projects funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft:

Role for Reelin in stabilizing cortical architecture (FR 620/12-1)

Role for Reelin in adult neurogenesis of the dentate gyrus (FR 620/12-2, BR 4888/4-2)

Functional specialization of radial glial cells in the dentate gyrus: Role for Reelin (DFG Priority Program SPP 1757: FR 620/13-1, BR 4888/2-1)

Estrogen - Reelin cross talk in the ovary and hippocampus (RU 436/6-1)

Start-up grant from the Federal State of Hamburg

Molecular Mechanisms of Network Modification (LFF-FV27b)

German Israeli Foundation

Synaptopodin, calcium stores and neuronal plasticity (GIF, Grant No.: 1088)

Hertie Foundation

Hertie Senior Research Professorship for Neuroscience (M. Frotscher)