Knowledge Connector (IAM-KNC)

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rom The goal of personalized medicine is to offer individualized treatment to all patients based on comprehensive molecular, cellular and functional analysis. We want to support physicians working in molecular biology by automating the entire process.

An IT component, the 'Knowledge Connector' (KNC), will link different internal and external databases and evaluate the collected information with regard to the individual characteristics, for example the molecular findings. This includes gene variants, drugs, clinical studies as well as publications and pathways. From this information, the KNC will then rank variants whose targeted treatment suggests therapeutic success. Furthermore, it should make recommendations for treatment or at least point out interesting correlations to the user from complex data that can hardly be interpreted manually. The portal learns from the interaction of medical experts and can improve itself independently. Previously unrecognized correlations become visible, better treatable options up- or downstream of an altered protein are offered, and automatic analyses show the current response to a personalized therapy.