Survivorship consultation hour

L.O.T.S.E. - Living without tumor – strategy and education

Many former tumor patients have difficulties even years after a successful cancer therapy, like physical long-term effects and late complications. These can occur due to combinations of several therapy methods like surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. But also psychosocial consequences after a tumor therapy, which are often connected to physical complications, can influence daily life of long-term cancer survivors. Sometimes those former patients feel lost and lonely on their way back to normal life.

In our consultation hour we like to guide (Lotse stands for guide in German) and advice you after a comprehensive conversation about your physical or psychosocial problems. We like to support you in physical long-term complications and different intervention services, like sexual advisory, tertiary prevention, sports and fitness programs, nutrition advices or psycho-oncological therapy. Additionally, we offer to plan your after-care together with your general practitioner.

We offer three types of consultation hours depending on the patient’s situation.

On Thursdays 9 am to 12 pm we offer this service especially to patients who just completed their therapy and are starting after-care. Together with a physician patients will design their after-care schedule that individually fits to their disease and needs and moreover, a list of symptoms will be handed out to pay attention of.

On Tuesdays starting at 1 pm we welcome patients who finished their therapy already a while ago, but still experience physical and/or psychosocial complications due to the illness or therapy and need support.

Once a month we also offer a consultation hour especially designed for young adults and adolescences (AYA) to meet the requirements for this age group.

Further information on our AYA survivorship program

We hope to support you with our services in your way back to normal life.

To get an appointment or a consultation via phone about this service, please call our guide Daniela Becker.

Head of the consultation hour:

PD Dr. med. Alexander Stein