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Sarah Koens
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Intended health care utilisation in cases of severe COVID-19 and inflammatory gastrointestinal disease – results of a population survey with vignettes
Klein J, Strauß A, Koens S, Schäfer I, von dem Knesebeck O
BMJ OPEN. 2022;12(3):e057644.

Age and gender differences in diagnostic decision making of early heart failure - Results of a mixed-methods interview-study using video vignettes
Marx G, Koens S, von dem Knesebeck O, Scherer M
BMJ OPEN. 2022;12(3):e054025.


Public knowledge about emergency care – results of a population survey from Germany
von dem Knesebeck O, Koens S, Schäfer I, Strauß A, Klein J
FRONT PUBLIC HEALTH. 2021;9:787921.


Physicians’ information seeking behavior in patients presenting with heart failure symptoms – Does gender of physician and patient matter?
Koens S, Marx G, Gras C, Scherer M, Lüdecke D, von dem Knesebeck O
PATIENT EDUC COUNS. 2020;103(12):2437-2442.

Medical decision making among patients with heart failure - does migration background matter?
von dem Knesebeck O, Scherer M, Marx G, Koens S
BMC FAM PRACT. 2020;21:.


Perceptions of time constraints among primary care physicians in Germany
von dem Knesebeck O, Koens S, Marx G, Scherer M
BMC FAM PRACT. 2019;20:142.

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