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Tumor cell E-selectin ligands determine partial inhibitory efficacy of bortezomib on spontaneous lung metastasis formation of solid human tumors in vivo
Lange T, Valentiner U, Wicklein D, Maar H, Labitzky V, Ahlers A, Starzonek S, Genduso S, Staffeldt L, Pahlow C, Dück A, Stürken C, Baranowsky A, Bauer A, Bulk E, Schwab A, Riecken K, Börnchen C, Kiefmann R, Abraham V, DeLisser H, Gemoll T, Habermann J, Block A, Pantel K, Schumacher U
MOL THER. 2022 [Epub ahead of print].

Low expression of CD24 is associated with poor survival in colorectal cancer
Nersisyan S, Ahlers A, Lange T, Wicklein D, Galatenko A, Bohnenberger H, Elakad O, Conradi L, Genduso S, Maar H, Schiecke A, Maltseva D, Raygorodskaya M, Makarova J, Schumacher U, Tonevitsky A
BIOCHIMIE. 2022;192:91-101.

Fra-2 overexpression upregulates pro-metastatic cell-adhesion molecules, promotes pulmonary metastasis, and reduces survival in a spontaneous xenograft model of human breast cancer
Arnold S, Kortland J, Maltseva D, Nersisyan S, Samatov T, Lezius S, Tonevitsky A, Milde-Langosch K, Wicklein D, Schumacher U, Stürken C
J CANCER RES CLIN. 2021 [Epub ahead of print].

Integrin alpha-V is an important driver in pancreatic adenocarcinoma progression
Kemper M, Schiecke A, Maar H, Nikulin S, Poloznikov A, Galatenko V, Tachezy M, Gebauer F, Lange T, Riecken K, Tonevitsky A, Aigner A, Izbicki J, Schumacher U, Wicklein D
J EXP CLIN CANC RES. 2021;40(1):214.

Effect of the Expression of ELOVL5 and IGFBP6 Genes on the Metastatic Potential of Breast Cancer Cells
Nikulin S, Zakharova G, Poloznikov A, Raigorodskaya M, Wicklein D, Schumacher U, Nersisyan S, Bergquist J, Bakalkin G, Astakhova L, Tonevitsky A
FRONT GENET. 2021;12:.

Xenograft-derived mRNA/miR and protein interaction networks of systemic dissemination in human prostate cancer
Lange T, Samatov T, Galatenko V, Steffen P, von Kriegstein H, Spethmann T, Wicklein D, Maar H, Kupfernagel K, Labitzky V, Hanika S, Starzonek S, Ahlers A, Riecken K, Simon R, Polonski A, Sauter G, Schlomm T, Huland H, Johnsen S, Schlüter H, Tonevitsky A, Schumacher U
EUR J CANCER. 2020;137:93-107.

Systematic analysis of the human tumor cell binding to human vs. murine E- and P-selectin under static vs. dynamic conditions
Starzonek S, Maar H, Labitzky V, Wicklein D, Rossdam C, Buettner F, Wolters-Eisfeld G, Guengoer C, Wagener C, Schumacher U, Lange T
GLYCOBIOLOGY. 2020;30(9):695-709.

Redistribution, Homing and Organ-Invasion of Neoplastic Stem Cells in Myeloid Neoplasms
Valent P, Sadovnik I, Eisenwort G, Herrmann H, Bauer K, Mueller N, Sperr W, Wicklein D, Schumacher U
SEMIN CANCER BIOL. 2020;60:191-201.

Immunohistochemical Analysis of Transcription Factors and Markers of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) in Human Tumors
Ghulam J, Stuerken C, Wicklein D, Pries R, Wollenberg B, Schumacher U
ANTICANCER RES. 2019;39(10):5437-5448.

LAMA4-Regulating miR-4274 and Its Host Gene SORCS2 Play a Role in IGFBP6-Dependent Effects on Phenotype of Basal-Like Breast Cancer
Shkurnikov M, Nikulin S, Nersisyan S, Poloznikov A, Zaidi S, Baranova A, Schumacher U, Wicklein D, Tonevitsky A
FRONT MOL BIOSCI. 2019;6:122.

Transcriptome Guided Drug Combination Suppresses Proliferation of Breast Cancer Cells
Shkurnikov M, Poloznikov A, Nikulin S, Schumacher U, Wicklein D, Stürken C, Galatenko V, Alekseev B
BULL EXP BIOL MED. 2019;166(5):656-660.

The Actin Binding Protein Plastin-3 Is Involved in the Pathogenesis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Velthaus A, Cornils K, Hennigs J, Grüb S, Stamm H, Wicklein D, Bokemeyer C, Heuser M, Windhorst S, Fiedler W, Wellbrock J
CANCERS. 2019;11(11):.

Knockdown of L1CAM significantly reduces metastasis in a xenograft model of human melanoma: L1CAM is a potential target for anti-melanoma therapy
Ernst A, Putscher A, Samatov T, Suling A, Galatenko V, Shkurnikov M, Knyazev E, Tonevitsky A, Haalck T, Lange T, Maar H, Schröder-Schwarz J, Riecken K, Schumacher U, Wicklein D
PLOS ONE. 2018;13(2):e0192525.

CD44 is a RAS/STAT5-regulated invasion receptor that triggers disease expansion in advanced mastocytosis
Mueller N, Wicklein D, Eisenwort G, Jawhar M, Berger D, Stefanzl G, Greiner G, Boehm A, Kornauth C, Muellauer L, Sehner S, Hoermann G, Sperr W, Staber P, Jaeger U, Zuber J, Arock M, Schumacher U, Reiter A, Valent P
BLOOD. 2018;132(18):1936-1950.

In Vitro Model for Studying of the Role of IGFBP6 Gene in Breast Cancer Metastasizing
Nikulin S, Raigorodskaya M, Poloznikov A, Zakharova G, Schumacher U, Wicklein D, Stürken C, Riecken K, Fomicheva K, Alekseev B, Shkurnikov M
BULL EXP BIOL MED. 2018;164(5):688-692.

Role of IGFBP6 Protein in the Regulation of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition Genes
Nikulin S, Raigorodskaya M, Poloznikov A, Zakharova G, Schumacher U, Wicklein D, Stürken C, Riecken K, Fomicheva K, Alekseev B, Shkurnikov M
BULL EXP BIOL MED. 2018;164(5):650-654.

CEACAM1 promotes melanoma metastasis and is involved in the regulation of the EMT associated gene network in melanoma cells
Wicklein D, Otto B, Suling A, Elies E, Lüers G, Lange T, Feldhaus S, Maar H, Schröder-Schwarz J, Brunner G, Wagener C, Schumacher U
SCI REP-UK. 2018;8:11893.

Establishment and Characterization of a Pair of Patient-derived Human Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Cell Lines from a Primary Tumor and Corresponding Lymph Node Metastasis
Gebauer F, Wicklein D, Tachezy M, Grob T, Steinemann D, Manukjan G, Göhring G, Schlegelberger B, Maar H, Izbicki J, Bockhorn M, Schumacher U
ANTICANCER RES. 2016;36(4):1507-18.

Intracellular and extracellular microRNA: An update on localization and biological role
Makarova J, Shkurnikov M, Wicklein D, Lange T, Samatov T, Turchinovich A, Tonevitsky A
PROG HISTOCHEM CYTO. 2016;51(3-4):33-49.

L1CAM: Cell adhesion and more
Samatov T, Wicklein D, Tonevitsky A
PROG HISTOCHEM CYTO. 2016;51(2):25-32.

Role of L1CAM in the Regulation of the Canonical Wnt Pathway and Class I MAGE Genes
Shkurnikov M, Knyazev E, Wicklein D, Schumacher U, Samatov T, Tonevitsky A
BULL EXP BIOL MED. 2016;160(6):807-10.

Prognostic impact of transcription factor Fra-1 in ER-positive breast cancer: contribution to a metastatic phenotype through modulation of tumor cell adhesive properties
Oliveira-Ferrer L, Kürschner M, Labitzky V, Wicklein D, Müller V, Lüers G, Schumacher U, Milde-Langosch K, Schröder C
J CANCER RES CLIN. 2015;141(10):1715-26.

SDA, a DNA aptamer inhibiting E- and P-selectin mediated adhesion of cancer and leukemia cells, the first and pivotal step in transendothelial migration during metastasis formation
Faryammanesh R, Lange T, Magbanua E, Haas S, Meyer C, Wicklein D, Schumacher U, Hahn U
PLOS ONE. 2014;9(4):e93173.

Serum EpCAM expression in pancreatic cancer
Gebauer F, Struck L, Tachezy M, Vashist Y, Wicklein D, Schumacher U, Izbicki J, Bockhorn M
ANTICANCER RES. 2014;34(9):4741-4746.

Carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecules (CEACAM) 1, 5 and 6 as biomarkers in pancreatic cancer
Gebauer F, Wicklein D, Horst J, Sundermann P, Maar H, Streichert T, Tachezy M, Izbicki J, Bockhorn M, Schumacher U
PLOS ONE. 2014;9(11):e113023.

L1CAM promotes enrichment of immunosuppressive T cells in human pancreatic cancer correlating with malignant progression
Grage-Griebenow E, Jerg E, Gorys A, Wicklein D, Wesch D, Freitag-Wolf S, Goebel L, Vogel I, Becker T, Ebsen M, Röcken C, Altevogt P, Schumacher U, Schäfer H, Sebens S
MOL ONCOL. 2014;8(5):982-997.

Selectins mediate small cell lung cancer systemic metastasis
Heidemann F, Schildt A, Schmid K, Bruns O, Riecken K, Jung C, Ittrich H, Wicklein D, Reimer R, Fehse B, Heeren J, Lüers G, Schumacher U, Heine M
PLOS ONE. 2014;9(4):e92327.

Aberrant presentation of HPA-reactive carbohydrates implies Selectin-independent metastasis formation in human prostate cancer
Lange T, Kupfernagel M, Wicklein D, Gebauer F, Maar H, Brügge K, Müller I, Simon R, Schlomm T, Sauter G, Schumacher U
CLIN CANCER RES. 2014;20(7):1791-802.

c-FOS suppresses ovarian cancer progression by changing adhesion
Oliveira Ferrer L, Rößler K, Haustein V, Schröder C, Wicklein D, Maltseva D, Khaustova N, Samatov T, Tonevitsky A, Mahner S, Jänicke F, Schumacher U, Milde-Langosch K
BRIT J CANCER. 2014;110(3):753-63.

Molecular changes in pre-metastatic lymph nodes of esophageal cancer patients
Otto B, Koenig A, Tolstonog G, Jeschke A, Klätschke K, Vashist Y, Wicklein D, Wagener C, Izbicki J, Streichert T
PLOS ONE. 2014;9(7):e102552.

Antibody directed against human YKL-40 increases tumor volume in a human melanoma xenograft model in scid mice
Salamon J, Hoffmann T, Elies E, Peldschus K, Johansen J, Lüers G, Schumacher U, Wicklein D
PLOS ONE. 2014;9(4):e95822.

Magnetic resonance imaging of single co-labeled mesenchymal stromal cells after intracardial injection in mice
Salamon J, Wicklein D, Didié M, Lange C, Schumacher U, Adam G, Peldschus K
ROFO-FORTSCHR RONTG. 2014;186(4):367-76.

Cell adhesion molecules in metastatic neuroblastoma models
Schwankhaus N, Gathmann C, Wicklein D, Riecken K, Schumacher U, Valentiner U
CLIN EXP METASTAS. 2014;31(4):483-96.

Activated Leukocyte Cell Adhesion Molecule (CD166): An "Inert" Cancer Stem Cell Marker for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer?
Tachezy M, Zander H, Wolters-Eisfeld G, Müller J, Wicklein D, Gebauer F, Izbicki J, Bockhorn M
STEM CELLS. 2014;32(6):1429-1436.

Influence of L1-CAM expression of breast cancer cells on adhesion to endothelial cells.
Dippel V, Milde-Langosch K, Wicklein D, Schumacher U, Altevogt P, Oliveira-Ferrer L, Jänicke F, Schröder C
J CANCER RES CLIN. 2013;139(1):107-121.

Selectin binding is essential for peritoneal carcinomatosis in a xenograft model of human pancreatic adenocarcinoma in pfp--/rag2-- mice
Gebauer F, Wicklein D, Stübke K, Nehmann N, Schmidt A, Salamon J, Peldschus K, Nentwich M, Adam G, Tolstonog G, Bockhorn M, Izbicki J, Wagener C, Schumacher U
GUT. 2013;62(5):741-50.

Interaction of magnetically labeled multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells and E-and P-selectins monitored by magnetic resonance imaging in mice
Peldschus K, Salamon J, Wicklein D, Lange C, Ittrich H, Adam G, Schumacher U
MOL IMAGING. 2013;12(2):100-10.

E- and p-selectins are essential for repopulation of chronic myelogenous and chronic eosinophilic leukemias in a scid mouse xenograft model
Wicklein D, Schmidt A, Labitzky V, Ullrich S, Valent P, Schumacher U
PLOS ONE. 2013;8(7):e70139.

Expression of the coxsackie adenovirus receptor in neuroendocrine lung cancers and its implications for oncolytic adenoviral infection.
Wunder T, Schmid K, Wicklein D, Groitl P, Dobner T, Lange T, Anders M, Schumacher U
CANCER GENE THER. 2013;20(1):25-32.

The interaction between CD44 on tumour cells and hyaluronan under physiologic flow conditions: implications for metastasis formation.
Richter U, Wicklein D, Geleff S, Schumacher U
Histochem Cell Biol. 2012;137(5):687-695.

Selectin-deficiency reduces the number of spontaneous metastases in a xenograft model of human breast cancer.
Stübke K, Wicklein D, Herich L, Schumacher U, Nehmann N
CANCER LETT. 2012;321(1):89-99.

RNAi technology to block the expression of molecules relevant to metastasis: the cell adhesion molecule CEACAM1 as an instructive example.
Wicklein D
Methods Mol Biol. 2012;878:241-250.

Nilotinib and imatinib are comparably effective in reducing growth of human eosinophil leukemia cells in a newly established xenograft model.
Wicklein D, Ramos Leal N, Salamon J, Thamer M, Herrmann H, Valent P, Schumacher U, Ullrich S
PLOS ONE. 2012;7(2):30567.

Brachyury expression predicts poor prognosis at early stages of colorectal cancer.
Kilic N, Feldhaus S, Kilic E, Tennstedt P, Wicklein D, Wasielewski R, Viebahn C, Kreipe H, Schumacher U
EUR J CANCER. 2011;47(7):1080-1085.

Size dependent induction of proinflammatory cytokines and cytotoxicity of particulate beta-tricalciumphosphate in vitro.
Lange T, Schilling A, Peters F, Mujas J, Wicklein D, Amling M
BIOMATERIALS. 2011;32(17):4067-4075.

Adhesion of small cell lung cancer cells to E- and P-selectin under physiological flow conditions: implications for metastasis formation.
Richter U, Schröder C, Wicklein D, Lange T, Geleff S, Dippel V, Schumacher U, Klutmann S
Histochem Cell Biol. 2011;135(5):499-512.

Establishment and characterization of a new human pancreatic adenocarcinoma cell line with high metastatic potential to the lung.
Kalinina T, Güngör C, Thieltges S, Möller-Krull M, Murga-Penas E, Wicklein D, Streichert T, Schumacher U, Kalinin V, Simon R, Otto B, Dierlamm J, Schwarzenbach H, Harms-Effenberger K, Bockhorn M, Izbicki J, Yekebas E
BMC CANCER. 2010;10:295.

Comparison of two techniques for the screening of human tumor cells in mouse blood: Quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) versus laser scanning cytometry (LSC).
Nehmann N, Wicklein D, Schumacher U, Müller R
ACTA HISTOCHEM. 2010;112(5):489-96.

Wegener autoantigen induces maturation of dendritic cells and licenses them for Th1 priming via the protease-activated receptor-2 pathway.
Csernok E, Ai M, Gross W, Wicklein D, Petersen A, Lindner B, Lamprecht P, Holle J, Hellmich B
BLOOD. 2006;107(11):4440-4448.

Phl p 3: structural and immunological characterization of a major allergen of timothy grass pollen.
Petersen A, Suck R, Lindner B, Georgieva D, Ernst M, Notbohm H, Wicklein D, Cromwell O, Becker W
CLIN EXP ALLERGY. 2006;36(6):840-849.

In contrast to specific B cells, human basophils are unaffected by the toxic activity of an allergen toxin due to lack of internalization of immunoglobulin E-bound allergen.
Wicklein D, Stöcker M, Klockenbring T, Huhn M, Wodrich M, Haas H, Becker W, Barth S, Petersen A
CLIN EXP ALLERGY. 2006;36(4):531-542.

Structural and immunological properties of arabinogalactan polysaccharides from pollen of timothy grass (Phleum pratense L.).
Brecker L, Wicklein D, Moll H, Fuchs E, Becker W, Petersen A
CARBOHYD RES. 2005;340(4):657-663.

Antigen-specific targeting and elimination of EBV-transformed B cells by allergen toxins.
Stöcker M, Klockenbring T, Huhn M, Nachreiner T, Wicklein D, Petersen A, Bauer R, Goerlich R, Fischer R, Barth S
J ALLERGY CLIN IMMUN. 2005;116(4):910-915.

Identification of antigenic proteins of a Theileria species pathogenic for small ruminants in China recognized by antisera of infected animals.
Miranda J, Stumme B, Beyer D, Cruz H, Oliva A, Bakheit M, Wicklein D, Yin H, Lou J, Ahmed J, Seitzer U
ANN NY ACAD SCI. 2004;1026:161-164.

Isolation and characterization of natural Ara h 6: evidence for a further peanut allergen with putative clinical relevance based on resistance to pepsin digestion and heat.
Suhr M, Wicklein D, Lepp U, Becker W
MOL NUTR FOOD RES. 2004;48(5):390-399.

Carbohydrate moieties can induce mediator release: a detailed characterization of two major timothy grass pollen allergens.
Wicklein D, Lindner B, Moll H, Kolarich D, Altmann F, Becker W, Petersen A
BIOL CHEM. 2004;385(5):397-407.

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