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An architectonic type principle in the development of laminar patterns of cortico-cortical connections
Beul S, Goulas A, Hilgetag C
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A Connectomic Hypothesis for the Hominization of the Brain
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Imaging evolution of the primate brain: the next frontier?
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The natural axis of transmitter receptor distribution in the human cerebral cortex
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Bio-instantiated recurrent neural networks: Integrating neurobiology-based network topology in artificial networks
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'Hierarchy' in the organization of brain networks
Hilgetag C, Goulas A
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Shaping brain structure: Genetic and phylogenetic axes of macroscale organization of cortical thickness
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Cross-species functional alignment reveals evolutionary hierarchy within the connectome
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Spatiotemporal ontogeny of brain wiring
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A blueprint of mammalian cortical connectomes
Goulas A, Majka P, Rosa M, Hilgetag C
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The architecture of mammalian cortical connectomes in light of the theory of the dual origin of the cerebral cortex
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An architectonic type principle integrates macroscopic cortico-cortical connections with intrinsic cortical circuits of the primate brain
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Exploring the limits of network topology estimation using diffusion-based tractography and tracer studies in the macaque cortex
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Comprehensive computational modelling of the development of mammalian cortical connectivity underlying an architectonic type principle
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Cortical Gradients and Laminar Projections in Mammals
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Functional connectivity of task context representations in prefrontal nodes of the multiple demand network
Stiers P, Goulas A
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Intrinsic functional architecture of the macaque dorsal and ventral lateral frontal cortex
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A Systematic Relationship Between Functional Connectivity and Intracortical Myelin in the Human Cerebral Cortex
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Human orbital and anterior medial prefrontal cortex: Intrinsic connectivity parcellation and functional organization
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Principles of ipsilateral and contralateral cortico-cortical connectivity in the mouse
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Is the brain really a small-world network?
Hilgetag C, Goulas A
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Situating the default-mode network along a principal gradient of macroscale cortical organization
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Reverse inference of memory retrieval processes underlying metacognitive monitoring of learning using multivariate pattern analysis
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The strength of weak connections in the macaque cortico-cortical network
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