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Alexandra Höller
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Clinical- and Cost Effectiveness of a Guided Internet-Based Intervention for Children (12-18 Years) of Parents With Mental Disorders (iCHIMPS): Study Protocol of a Multicentered Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial
Dülsen P, Barck K, Daubmann A, Höller A, Zeidler J, Kilian R, Wiegand-Grefe S, Baumeister H
Frontiers in digital health. 2022;4:816412.

Clinical Implementation and Evaluation of Three Implementation Interventions for a Family-Oriented Care for Children of Mentally Ill Parents (ci-chimps): Study Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Multicenter Trial
Laser C, Modarressi A, Skogøy B, Reupert A, Daubmann A, Höller A, Zapf A, Pawils S, Taubner S, Winter S, Maybery D, Wiegand-Grefe S
FRONT PSYCHIATRY. 2022;13:823186.


Specific Electrogram Characteristics Impact Substrate Ablation Target Area in Patients with Scar-Related Ventricular Tachycardia - Insights from Automated Ultra-High-Density Mapping
Schwarzl J, Schleberger R, Kahle A, Höller A, Schwarzl M, Schaeffer B, Münkler P, Moser J, Akbulak R, Eickholt C, Dinshaw L, Dickow J, Maury P, Sacher F, Martin C, Wong T, Estner H, Jaïs P, Willems S, Meyer C
J CARDIOVASC ELECTR. 2021;32(2):376-388.

Affective and anxiety disorders in patients with different rare chronic diseases: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Uhlenbusch N, Swaydan J, Höller A, Löwe B, Depping M
PSYCHOL MED. 2021;51(16):2731-2741.


Posterior fusion of the craniocervical junction in the pediatric spine: Wright's translaminar C2 screw technique provides for more safety and effectiveness
Hagemann C, Stücker R, Schmitt I, Höller A, Kunkel P
EUR SPINE J. 2020;29(5):970-976.


Investigation of the performance of trimmed estimators of life time distributions with censoring
Clarke B, Höller A, Müller C, Wamahiu K
AUST NZ J STAT. 2017;59(4):513-525.

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