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Predictors of poor clinical outcome despite complete reperfusion in acute ischemic stroke patients
van Horn N, Kniep H, Leischner H, McDonough R, Deb-Chatterji M, Broocks G, Thomalla G, Brekenfeld C, Fiehler J, Hanning U, Flottmann F
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Sex Differences in Outcome After Thrombectomy for Acute Ischemic Stroke are Explained by Confounding Factors

CLIN NEURORADIOL. 2020 [Epub ahead of print].

Incomplete or failed thrombectomy in acute stroke patients with Alberta Stroke Program Early Computed Tomography Score 0-5 - how harmful is trying?
Broocks G, Flottmann F, Schönfeld M, Bechstein M, Aye P, Kniep H, Faizy T, McDonough R, Schön G, Deb-Chatterji M, Thomalla G, Sporns P, Fiehler J, Hanning U, Kemmling A, Meyer L
EUR J NEUROL. 2020;27(10):2031-2035.

Recanalization is the Key for Better Outcome of Thrombectomy in Basilar Artery Occlusion
Deb-Chatterji M, Flottmann F, Leischner H, Alegiani A, Brekenfeld C, Fiehler J, Gerloff C, Thomalla G
CLIN NEURORADIOL. 2020;30(4):769-775.

Patient-reported health-related quality of life after stroke thrombectomy in clinical practice
Deb-Chatterji M, Konnopka A, Flottmann F, Leischner H, Fiehler J, Gerloff C, Thomalla G
NEUROLOGY. 2020;95(12):e1724-e1732.

Circulating Endothelial Cells as Promising Biomarkers in the Differential Diagnosis of Primary Angiitis of the Central Nervous System
Deb-Chatterji M, Pinnschmidt H, Duan Y, Haeussler V, Rissiek B, Gerloff C, Thomalla G, Magnus T
Front Neurol. 2020;11:205.

Stroke patients treated by thrombectomy in real life differ from cohorts of the clinical trials: a prospective observational study
Deb-Chatterji M, Pinnschmidt H, Flottmann F, Leischner H, Alegiani A, Brekenfeld C, Fiehler J, Gerloff C, Thomalla G
BMC NEUROL. 2020;20(1):81.

Predictors of independent outcome of thrombectomy in stroke patients with large baseline infarcts in clinical practice: a multicenter analysis
Deb-Chatterji M, Pinnschmidt H, Flottmann F, Leischner H, Broocks G, Alegiani A, Brekenfeld C, Fiehler J, Gerloff C, Thomalla G
J NEUROINTERV SURG. 2020;12(11):1064-1068.

„Stroke-mimics“: kontrastmittelinduzierte Neurotoxizität als seltene Ursache: kontrastmittelinduzierte Neurotoxizität als seltene Ursache
Deb-Chatterji M, Schäfer L, Grzyska U, Gelderblom M
NERVENARZT. 2020;91(2):148-149.

Emergency Conversion to General Anesthesia Is a Tolerable Risk in Patients Undergoing Mechanical Thrombectomy
Flottmann F, Leischner H, Broocks G, Faizy T, Aigner A, Deb-Chatterji M, Thomalla G, Krauel J, Issleib M, Fiehler J, Brekenfeld C
AM J NEURORADIOL. 2020;41(1):122-127.

Efficacy and safety of nerinetide for the treatment of acute ischaemic stroke (ESCAPE-NA1): a multicentre, double-blind, randomised controlled trial
Hill M, Goyal M, Menon B, Nogueira R, McTaggart R, Demchuk A, Poppe A, Buck B, Field T, Dowlatshahi D, van Adel B, Swartz R, Shah R, Sauvageau E, Zerna C, Ospel J, Joshi M, Almekhlafi M, Ryckborst K, Lowerison M, Heard K, Garman D, Haussen D, Cutting S, Coutts S, Roy D, Rempel J, Rohr A, Iancu D, Sahlas D, Yu A, Devlin T, Hanel R, Puetz V, Silver F, Campbell B, Chapot R, Teitelbaum J, Mandzia J, Kleinig T, Turkel-Parrella D, Heck D, Kelly M, Bharatha A, Bang O, Jadhav A, Gupta R, Frei D, Tarpley J, McDougall C, Holmin S, Rha J, Puri A, Camden M, Thomalla G, Choe H, Phillips S, Schindler J, Thornton J, Nagel S, Heo J, Sohn S, Psychogios M, Budzik R, Starkman S, Martin C, Burns P, Murphy S, Lopez G, English J, Tymianski M
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Endovascular Treatment of Very Elderly Patients Aged ≥90 With Acute Ischemic Stroke
Meyer L, Alexandrou M, Flottmann F, Deb-Chatterji M, Abdullayev N, Maus V, Politi M, Bernkopf K, Roth C, Kastrup A, Hanning U, Brekenfeld C, Thomalla G, Gerloff C, Mpotsaris A, Papanagiotou P, Fiehler J, Leischner H
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Early clinical surrogates for outcome prediction after stroke thrombectomy in daily clinical practice
Meyer L, Broocks G, Bechstein M, Flottmann F, Leischner H, Brekenfeld C, Schön G, Deb-Chatterji M, Alegiani A, Thomalla G, Fiehler J, Kniep H, Hanning U
J NEUROL NEUROSUR PS. 2020;91(10):1055-1059.


Primary Angiitis of the Central Nervous System: New Potential Imaging Techniques and Biomarkers in Blood and Cerebrospinal Fluid
Deb-Chatterji M, Schuster S, Haeussler V, Gerloff C, Thomalla G, Magnus T
Front Neurol. 2019;10:568.

Reasons for failed endovascular recanalization attempts in stroke patients
Leischner H, Flottmann F, Hanning U, Broocks G, Faizy T, Deb-Chatterji M, Bernhardt M, Brekenfeld C, Buhk J, Gellissen S, Thomalla G, Gerloff C, Fiehler J
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Mechanical thrombectomy in nonagenarians with acute ischemic stroke
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Relapse rates and long-term outcome in primary angiitis of the central nervous system
Schuster S, Ozga A, Stellmann J, Deb-Chatterji M, Häußler V, Matschke J, Gerloff C, Thomalla G, Magnus T
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Highest Lesion Growth Rates in Patients With Hyperacute Stroke: When Time Is Brain Particularly Matters
Broocks G, Rajput F, Hanning U, Faizy T, Leischner H, Schön G, Gellißen S, Sporns P, Deb-Chatterji M, Thomalla G, Kemmling A, Fiehler J, Flottmann F
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Recurrent Aseptic Basal Meningitis as the First Clinical Manifestation of a Sjogren Syndrome in a Patient with an Overlap Syndrome with Familial Mediterranean Fever
Deb-Chatterji M, Donnerstag F, Voss E
Current Advances in Neurology and Neurological Disorders. 2018;1(2):45-48.

Stroke-mimics: An acute brainstem syndrome after intravenous contrast medium application as a rare cause of contrast-induced neurotoxicity
Deb-Chatterji M, Schäfer L, Grzyska U, Gelderblom M
CLIN NEUROL NEUROSUR. 2018;174:244-246.

Recanalization Rate per Retrieval Attempt in Mechanical Thrombectomy for Acute Ischemic Stroke
Flottmann F, Leischner H, Broocks G, Nawabi J, Bernhardt M, Faizy T, Deb-Chatterji M, Thomalla G, Fiehler J, Brekenfeld C
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Apolipoprotein E-ε4 deficiency and cognitive function in hepatitis C virus-infected patients
Wozniak M, Lugo Iparraguirre L, Dirks M, Deb-Chatterji M, Pflugrad H, Goldbecker A, Tryc A, Worthmann H, Gess M, Crossey M, Forton D, Taylor-Robinson S, Itzhaki R, Weissenborn K
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Circulating endothelial cells as potential diagnostic biomarkers in primary central nervous system vasculitis
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Temporal pattern of cytotoxic edema in the perihematomal region after intracerebral hemorrhage: a serial magnetic resonance imaging study
Li N, Worthmann H, Heeren M, Schuppner R, Deb-Chatterji M, Tryc A, Bueltmann E, Lanfermann H, Donnerstag F, Weissenborn K, Raab P
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Asymmetric dimethyarginine as marker and mediator in ischemic stroke
Chen S, Li N, Deb-Chatterji M, Dong Q, Kielstein J, Weissenborn K, Worthmann H
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Association of dimethylarginines and mediators of inflammation after acute ischemic stroke
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Anticoagulants affect matrix metalloproteinase 9 levels in blood samples of stroke patients and healthy controls
Rababah M, Worthmann H, Deb-Chatterji M, Tryc A, Ma Y, El Bendary O, Hecker H, Goldbecker A, Heeren M, Brand K, Weissenborn K, Lichtinghagen R
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Nitric oxide (NO) and asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA): their pathophysiological role and involvement in intracerebral hemorrhage
Li N, Worthmann H, Deb-Chatterji M, Chen S, Weissenborn K
NEUROL RES. 2011;33(5):541-8.

High plasma dimethylarginine levels are associated with adverse clinical outcome after stroke
Worthmann H, Chen S, Martens-Lobenhoffer J, Li N, Deb-Chatterji M, Tryc A, Goldbecker A, Dong Q, Kielstein J, Bode-Böger S, Weissenborn K
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Growth differentiation factor 15 plasma levels and outcome after ischemic stroke
Worthmann H, Kempf T, Widera C, Tryc A, Goldbecker A, Ma Y, Deb-Chatterji M, Tountopoulou A, Lambrecht J, Heeren M, Lichtinghagen R, Wollert K, Weissenborn K
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Linking infection and inflammation in acute ischemic stroke
Worthmann H, Tryc A, Deb-Chatterji M, Goldbecker A, Ma Y, Tountopoulou A, Lichtinghagen R, Weissenborn K
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Kognitive Beeinträchtigungen bei Hepatitis C-Infektion sind chronisch progredient
Deb-Chatterji M, Urban L, Goldbecker A, Weissenborn K
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Growth-differentiation factor-15 nach TIA oder ischämischem Schlaganfall bestimmt das klinische Outcome
Worthmann H, Kempf T, Tryc A, Goldbecker A, Ma Y, Deb-Chatterji M, Tountopoulou A, Dengler R, Lichtinghagen R, Wollert K, Weissenborn K
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Early identification of interferon-beta responders by ex vivo testing in patients with multiple sclerosis
Wiesemann E, Deb-Chatterji M, Hemmer B, Radeke H, Windhagen A
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Effects of interferon-beta on co-signaling molecules:upregulation of CD40, CD86 and PD-L2 on monocytes in relation to clinical response to interferon-beta treatment in patients with multiple sclerosis
Wiesemann E, Deb-Chatterji M, Trebst C, Hemmer B, Stangel M, Windhagen A
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Statine hemmen die Sekretion von IL-5 und IL-13 in autologen T-Zellen über eine verminderte Expression von PD-L1 und PD-L2 auf dendritischen Zellen
Wiesemann E, Deb-Chatterji M, Sönmez D, Windhagen A
AKTUEL NEUROL. 2007;34:P361.

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