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Publikationen 2011

 Bannas P., Weber C., Adam G., Frenzel T., Derlin T., Mester J., Klutmann S.:(2011)
Contrast-Enhanced [(18)F]fluorodeoxyglucose-Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography for Staging and Radiotherapy Planning in Patients with Anal Cancer. INT J RADIAT ONCOL, 81: 445-451.

Kasten-Pisula U., Saker J., Eicheler W., Krause M., Yaromina A., Meyer-Staeckling S., Scherkl B., Kriegs M., Brandt B., Grénman R., Petersen C., Baumann M., Dikomey E.:(2011)
Cellular and tumor radiosensitivity is correlated to epidermal growth factor receptor protein expression level in tumors without EGFR amplification. INT J RADIAT ONCOL, 80: 1181-8.

Lehmann C., Beierlein V., Hagen-Aukamp C., Kerschgens C., Rhee M., Frühauf S., Otto J., Graefen M., Krüll A., Berger D., Koch U., Bergelt C.:(2011)
[Psychosocial Predictors of Utilization of Medical Rehabilitation Services among Prostate Cancer Patients.]. Rehabilitation (Stuttg), 51(3):160-70.

Myllynen L., Rieckmann T., Dahm-Daphi J., Kasten-Pisula U., Petersen C., Dikomey E., Kriegs M.:(2011)In tumor cells regulation of DNA double strand break repair through EGF receptor involves both NHEJ and HR and is independent of p53 and K-Ras status. Radiother Oncol, 101: 147-51.

Petersen C., Würschmidt F.:(2011)        
Late Toxicity of Radiotherapy: A Problem or a Challenge for the Radiation Oncologist? BREAST CARE, 6: 369-374.

Rades D., Freundt K., Meyners T., Bajrovic A., Basic H., Karstens J.H., Adamietz I.A., Wildfang I., Rudat V., Schild S.E., Dunst J.:(2011)
Dose Escalation for Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression in Patients with Relatively Radioresistant Tumors. INT J RADIAT ONCOL, 80: 1492-1497.

Rades D., Kronemann S., Meyners T., Bohlen G., Tribius S., Kazic N., Schroeder U., Hakim S.G., Schild S.E., Dunst J.:(2011)
Comparison of four cisplatin-based radiochemotherapy regimens for nonmetastatic stage III/IV squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck. INT J RADIAT ONCOL, 80: 1037-44.

Rades D., Lange M., Veninga T., Stalpers L.J.A., Bajrovic A., Adamietz I.A., Rudat V., Schild S.E.:(2011)
Final results of a prospective study comparing the local control of short-course and long-course radiotherapy for metastatic spinal cord compression. INT J RADIAT ONCOL, 79: 524-30.

Rollet S., Colautti P., Grosswendt B., Herault J., Wind M., Gargioni E., Beck P., Latocha M., Moro D.:(2011)
Microdosimetric assessment of the radiation quality of a therapeutic proton beam: comparison between numerical simulation and experimental measurements. RADIAT PROT DOSIM, 143: 445-9.

Tribius S., Bergelt C.:(2011)        
Intensity-modulated radiotherapy versus conventional and 3D conformal radiotherapy in patients with head and neck cancer: is there a worthwhile quality of life gain? CANCER TREAT REV, 37: 511-9.

Tribius S., Ihloff A.S., Rieckmann T., Petersen C., Hoffmann M.:(2011)
Impact of HPV status on treatment of squamous cell cancer of the oropharynx: what we know and what we need to know. Cancer Lett, 304: 71-9.

Vehling S., Lehmann C., Oechsle K., Bokemeyer C., Krüll A., Koch U., Mehnert A.:(2011)
Global meaning and meaning-related life attitudes: exploring their role in predicting depression, anxiety, and demoralization in cancer patients. Support Care Cancer, 19: 513-520.

Woelber L., Choschzick M., Eulenburg C., Hager M., Jaenicke F., Gieseking F., Kock L., Ihnen M., Petersen C., Schwarz J., Mahner S.:(2011)
Prognostic value of pathological resection margin distance in squamous cell cancer of the vulva. Ann Surg Oncol, 18: 3811-8.

Woelber L., Kock L., Gieseking F., Petersen C., Trillsch F., Choschzick M., Jaenicke F., Mahner S.:(2011)
Clinical management of primary vulvar cancer. Eur J Cancer, 47: 2315-21.

Würschmidt F., Petersen C., Wahl A., Dahle J., Kretschmer M.:(2011)
[18F]fluoroethylcholine-PET/CT imaging for radiation treatment planning of recurrent and primary prostate cancer with dose escalation to PET/CT-positive lymph nodes. Radiat Oncol, 6: 44.

Rades, Dirk; Huttenlocher, Stefan;  Bajrovic, Amira; Karstens, Johann H, Adamietz; Irenaeus A; Kazic, Nadja; Rudat, Volker; Schild, Steven E. :(2011)

Rades, Dirk; Schroeder, Ursula; Bajrovic, Amira; Schild, Steven E. : (2011)
Radiochemotherapy versus surgery plus radio(chemo)therapy for stage T3/T4 larynx and hypopharynx cancer - Results of a matched-pair analysis; EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CANCER; 47(18): 2729-2734.

Rades, Dirk; Meyners, Thekla; Kazic, Nadja; Bajrovic, Amira; Rudat, Volker; Schild, Steven E. :(2011)
Comparison of radiochemotherapy alone to surgery plus radio(chemo)therapy for non-metastatic stage III/IV squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck A Matched-Pair Analysis; STRAHLENTHERAPIE UND ONKOLOGIE; 187(9): 541-547.

Publikationen 2010

Bug M.U., Gargioni E., Guatelli S., Incerti S., Rabus H., Schulte R., Rosenfeld A.B.:(2010)                            
Effect of a magnetic field on the track structure of low-energy electrons: a Monte Carlo study. EUR PHYS J D, 60(1): 85-92               

Fischer M., Todorovic M., Drud E., Cremers F.:(2010)                   
Commissioning of a double-focused micro multileaf collimator (muMLC). J APPL CLIN MED PHYS, 11(2): 3131                 

Freundt K., Meyners T., Bajrovic A., Basic H., Karstens J.H., Adamietz I.A., Rudat V., Schild S.E., Dunst J., Rades D.:(2010)                              
Radiotherapy for oligometastatic disease in patients with spinal cord compression (MSCC) from relatively radioresistant tumors. Strahlenther Onkol, 186(4): 218-23                      

Friedrich R.E., Todrovic M., Krüll A.:(2010)                         
Simulation of scattering effects of irradiation on surroundings using the example of titanium dental implants: a Monte Carlo approach. Anticancer Res, 30(5): 1727-30                           

Gauer T., Engel K., Kiesel A., Albers D., Rades D.:(2010)                              
Comparison of electron IMRT to helical photon IMRT and conventional photon irradiation for treatment of breast and chest wall tumours. Radiother Oncol, 94(3): 313-8                     

Ihloff A.S., Knecht R., Tribius S.:(2010)                 
[HPV infection in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC). Highlights from ASCO 2010]. HNO, 58(12): 1163-7                

Ihloff A.S., Petersen C., Hoffmann M., Knecht R., Tribius S.:(2010)                        
Human papilloma virus in locally advanced stage III/IV squamous cell cancer of the oropharynx and impact on choice of therapy. Oral Oncol, 46(10): 705-11                       

Kröger N., Einsele H., Derigs G., Wandt H., Krüll A., Zander A.:(2010)                    
Long-term follow-up of an intensified myeloablative conditioning regimen with in vivo T cell depletion followed by allografting in patients with advanced multiple myeloma. BIOL BLOOD MARROW TR, 16(6): 861-4                         

Oechsle K., Lange-Brock V., Kruell A., Bokemeyer C., de Wit M.:(2010)                               
Prognostic factors and treatment options in patients with leptomeningeal metastases of different primary tumors: a retrospective analysis. J CANCER RES CLIN, 136(11): 1729-35                    

Rades D., Douglas S., Veninga T., Stalpers L.J.A., Hoskin P.J., Bajrovic A., Adamietz I.A., Basic H., Dunst J., Schild S.E.:(2010)                              
Validation and simplification of a score predicting survival in patients irradiated for metastatic spinal cord compression. CANCER CYTOPATHOL, 116(15): 3670-3               

Rades D., Huttenlocher S., Dunst J., Bajrovic A., Karstens J.H., Rudat V., Schild S.E.:(2010)                         
Matched pair analysis comparing surgery followed by radiotherapy and radiotherapy alone for metastatic spinal cord compression. J CLIN ONCOL, 28(22): 3597-604                 

Rollet S., Colautti P., Grosswendt B., Moro D., Gargioni E., Conte V., DeNardo L.:(2010)                             
Monte Carlo simulation of mini TEPC microdosimetric spectra: Influence of low energy electrons. RADIAT MEAS, 45(10): 1330-1333                          

Tribius S., Petersen C., Knecht R., Ihloff A.S.:(2010)                      
[Radiation therapy in head and neck cancer. Highlights from ASCO 2010]. HNO, 58(12): 1168-73                             



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