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General, Visceral and Thoracic Surgery Department and Clinic

Medical Director: Prof. Dr. Jakob R. Izbicki 
Vice Medical Director: PD Dr. Oliver Mann
Head Senior Physicians:

PD Dr. Asad Kutup
Prof. Dr. Maximilian Bockhorn

Director of Nursing: Hans-Jürgen Thomsen
Managing Director: Mark Ferenczi

The Department

Our Department offers the best possible surgical therapy for diseases of the breast and abdominal cavity, hormone-producing organs, the vascular system and pathological obesity. We develop a therapy strategy together with the patient and all involved specialties. Our options for malignant disease therefore range from partial organ resection to complete removal of several organ systems. We always attempt to preserve or restore organ function by using mainly minimally invasive procedures.


We offer special clinics for thyroid and adrenal disease, vascular disease, and colon, rectal and anal disease as well as an interdisciplinary clinic for treatment of pathological obesity. For all other problems we are always available by appointment at (040) 7410-56120; of course no appointment is required in emergencies.


Our main research interests are in three areas: cancer of the abdominal cavity and thorax, further development of minimally invasive surgery (keyhole surgery), and pancreas surgery. Our tumor research scientists work mainly on the mechanisms leading to the formation and spread of metastases. 

Facts and figures

Interdisciplinary cooperation of all medical disciplines allows us to offer surgical treatment options even in the most unusual cases. Our department has the most experience with pancreatic surgery of all those in northwest Germany (North German Center for Pancreas Surgery). We are also one of the largest adiposity centers in Germany for treatment of pathological obesity (adiposity).  

Department statistics (in 2007)

> 5,000 Total operations
1,173 Surgical procedures on the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine
685 Vascular surgeries incl. placement of  vascular accesses
258 Surgical procedures on the thyroid and adrenals
224 Surgical procedures on the lung and thorax
159 Surgical procedures on the liver and gall bladder
>250 Surgical procedures for pathological obesity

Thirty-two doctors work in the Surgery Department, including specialists for the abdominal viscera and intestinal tract, the vascular system, lung disease and the musculoskeletal system. The 55 members of our nursing staff provide patient care.


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