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Thank you for your interest in the Multimodal Stimulus Set (MULTIMOST). MULTIMOST provides normative ratings for a set of photographs and sound files of natural objects for multisensory research.

For details please see: Schneider, T.R., Engel, A.K., & Debener, S. (2008). Multisensory Identification of Natural Objects in a Two-Way Crossmodal Priming Paradigm. Experimental Psychology, 55, 121-131.

To receive MULTIMOST for your research, please fill out, sign and fax the "Statement of Use". Within 30 days of receiving your request, you will receive a username and a password, which enables you to download MULTIMOST. By signing this Statement of Use you agree to use MULTIMOST only for scientific purposes and not to further distribute these materials.

MULTIMOST is made freely available only to non-profit researchers. Researchers are expected not to provide them to profit making companies, not to make them available to the media and not to place them on the internet.

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