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Forschergruppe 885

It is well accepted that Protein turnover modulates physiological processes such as immune response, cell cycle and programmed cell death (Kloetzel 2004; Liu et al, 2005; Nakayama and Nakayama, 2006). However, little is known about protein turnover in neurons, wichcontain unique dynamic functional structures, such as synapses, dendrites and axons. Therefore, our research unit aims to define how protein turnover regulates neuronal excitability, signal transduction or synaptic plasticity by addressing the following question:

I.    Which components are involved in neuron-specific protein degradation?

II.   How does neuronal protein turnover contribute to the modulation of neuronal 
      excitability ?

III.  How does impaired neuronal protein trafficking influence the functionality of 
      neurons ?

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