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Explore the Head of the Virtual Mummy

Please note: In order to reduce transmission times the QuickTime movies were highly compressed, which results in a loss of quality.

QuickTime VR players for MacOS and Windows can be downloaded from here.


A plane moves through the mummy's head and the corresponding computer tomograms are displayed next to it (QuickTime, 3.0 MB).

The mummy's head opens along two cut-planes (QuickTime VR, 3.0 MB).

The mummy's head is unwrapped layer by layer (QuickTime VR, 1.4 MB).

The mummy's skull rotates in front of the background of the pyramids (QuickTime VR, 2.5 MB).

The mummy's head can be x-rayed in all directions (QuickTime VR, 1.2 MB).

The mummy's teeth may be examined in an "X-ray-window" (QuickTime VR, 0.4 MB).

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