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Aim of the programme is the structured scientific education of talented junior researchers. In the course of the two-years programme, PhD students have to obtain 120 credit points: 100 credit points for the dissertation and 20 credit points for the coursework. The dissertation can be written in English.

Coursework of the PhD programme includes three different types of courses:

Credit points within the programme are aligned to the European Credit Point system, therefore credit points are assigned based on the work effort related to a specific course.

In each of the different course types a certain number of credit points have to be obtained (please refer to the picture and the Study Book of the PhD programme for further details).


PhD students have to complete the following courses as compulsory coursework:

PhD students further have to attend the institute seminars (requirement within the interdisciplinary course section) .

Besides the compulsory coursework, PhD students can select classes based on their interests and after consultation with their thesis committee. Research method workshops are offered by the faculty, key skill classes can be attended at the Career Center of the University of Hamburg. Since the PhD Programme cooperates with the UKE graduate schools and programmes, PhD students can also attend their workshops and classes, if capacity is available. Information about courses will be either announced at the websites of the programmes or can be received from the programme managers. Interested PhD-students should contact latter ones directly for free capacity in the classes.

neurodapt Graduate School

Graduate Programme "Multi-site communication in the brain"

Graduiertenkolleg "Entzündung und Regeneration"

Research Training Group 1459 "Sorting and Interaction Between Proteins of Subcellar Compartiments"

Graduate School for Structure and Dynamics in Infection

International Graduate School GRK 1247 "Cross-Modal Interaction in Natural and Artificial Cognitive Systems"

Graduate Program in Molecular Biology

The Admission Committee decides whether credit points can be assigned for classes/workshops/participation at conferences. Requests can be submitted at the Office for Medical Doctorate and PhD students.

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